Eagles at national zoological park New delhi


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Eagles are not love birds and are not tamed but have their own nature. Although with time number of eagles went down drastically due to illicit human behavior which has been hazardous for animals.

Indian eagles are known for their wide mouth and are has widest mouth stretch from all eagle family. The picture taken here has been of an eagle spotted at National zoological park New Delhi by me. Although eagles are not in the list of endangered species but defensibly comes under vulnerable list of birds. Dark eye of Indian eagle with wing spread up to 150 cm makes it unique from its other family friends across globe.

Eagles once use to roam skies are now very rarely seen and its distant neighbor Vulture was on verge of extinction till recently when government started taking measures for their conservation. You might have seen eagles in many Bollywood movies with Amitabh Bachaan. Indian eagles originally originate from about 3.6 million years old family

Indian eagle spotted in Bangalore

Indian eagle spotted in Bangalore

Indian eagle is lighter in color compared to its distant relatives or natives. Although calm in nature and prefers isolation from other birds but are quite daring and can take on dogs head to head.

Generally eagles prefer garden lizards and mouse from fields and are carnivorous in nature also loves to have other birds and frogs has powerful wings and rules sky.

Average height of Indian eagles observed has been 68cm.

Best part of eagle is family bonding and making of house same couple make their nest together and have great bonding during period of reproduction or while taking care of new born off springs. eagles are considered to be more faithful to their partners than many other birds and same couple breed together for years.

Warning: Please do not disturb an eagle , it prefers isolation or mingles only when it knows you and are faithful in nature.

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