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Eastern Towhee is a over sized sparrow of east, a strikingly marked new world sparrow .It is feathered with bold black warm and reddish brown feathers .Eastern Towhee are basically undersized bird and they make a very loud noise which anybody can expect according to their size. Their scientific name is Pipilo erythrophthalmus. Their breeding areas are mainly the busy areas of North America .They mainly make their nest in low bushes or on grounds under shrubs.The Eastern Towhee and the very similar Spotted Towhee of western North America used to be considered the same species, the Rufous-sided Towhee. The two forms still occur together in the Great Plains, where they sometimes interbreed. This is a common evolutionary pattern in North American birds – a holdover from when the great ice sheets split the continent down the middle, isolating birds into eastern and western populations that eventually became new species.The oldest known Eastern Towhee was 12 years, 3 months old.

LENGTH RANGE : 17.3 to 23 CM(6.8 to 9.1 inch)

MASS :32 to 53 gms

WING SPAN :20 to 30 cm

PRICE: $300 to $ 700

easterntowheemap RANGE OF EASTERN TOWHEE

The eastern towhee breeds from southern Manitoba, Canada east to Quebec, Canada and south to the Gulf coast and southern Florida. It winters in the southern part of its range.The most important habitat qualities seem to be dense shrub cover with plenty of leaf litter for the towhees to scratch around in. Towhees occur in the Appalachians to about 6,500 feet, but favor warm and dry south-facing slopes more than cool, moist northern faces.


The female makes a nest of weeds, leaves, bark, and stems on or near the ground in a well-covered area. Sometimes, the male brings materials for the nest. The female lays two to six eggs. The male sometimes brings the female food during incubation. The female incubates the eggs. The chicks hatch in a little under two weeks and both parents feed them. The chicks fledged when they are 10 to 12 days old. The female usually has two broods a year.

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Towhees are a kind of large sparrow. Look for their thick, triangular, seed-cracking bill as a tip-off they’re in the sparrow family. Also notice the chunky body and long, rounded tail.Males are striking: bold sooty black above and on the breast, with warm rufous sides and white on the belly. Females have the same pattern, but are rich brown where the males are black. eastern_towhee_111-300x198


Eastern Towhee are omnivorous birds. They mainly eat a wide range of fruits,seeds ,insects, sow-bugs, spiders etc. They also consume a wide variety of seeds including ragweed, native grasses, smart-weed. They also feed on acorns, blueberries, elderberries, blackberries. They sometimes also eat nuts, seeds. eastern_towhee_211-300x224


• We should allow leaves to accumulate under bushes to provide foraging to eastern towhee.

• A patch of 20×20 of native shrubs should be maintained in order fooding to eastern towhee which should also include blueberries ,blackberries and wild grapes.

• Pesticide use should not be there because it kills the insects which are a part of the diet of eastern towhee.

• A bird bath or small pound should be provided in order to provide dip bath for eastern towhee .The water should be fresh and free from insects.

• Keep pet cats indoors to keep them safe from outside hazards and to protect native birds. Remove feral cats from neighborhood.

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