English Cocker Spaniel

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English Cocker Spaniel :

The English Cocker Spaniel have there origin in England. This breed is very playful and active. They share a affectionate bond with there owner and are loyal to the family. This breed is divided into two categories i.e. Working and Show. The Working Spaniels have small coat which make them easy in working. Where as the Show Spaniel dogs are mostly focused to be groomed to be presented in different shows. They have longer hair.  This dog breed belongs to the category of Gun Dogs. Since the dog breed have long haired coat so they require Grooming Accessories.

Body Structure :

A compact dog with medium size and arched head looks flattened when observed from the side. The color of the nose of this breed depends upon the color of the coat. The teeth of the English Cocker Spaniel meet in the both level and scissor bite. The eyes are oval and have button like structure, which is dark brown in color. The ears are covered with the soft and silky coat and hung on the either side of the face. The top line of the breed is in the slope from front to the back. This breed usually have docked tail. The head of the dog is covered with small hairs where as the body is fully covered long and silky coat of hairs.


Cocker-Spaniel playing with Flying Dish

Temperament and Behavior :

This breed dogs are smart and intelligent. They are lively dogs who loves to run and play around as they are playful. This breed is very affectionate to the owner and love to enjoy the company of humans especially children’s .  They are very obedient and love to follow the orders of the master.

Grooming :

The coat of the English Cocker Spaniel require regular grooming, brushing and combing. The bath is given to the dog when necessary. Ears of these dogs must be clear properly as they are very much prone to ear infections. This breed shed average hairs. This breed have variety of coats. Some have a excessive cottony coat while other have a soft and silky coat. Some are prone to matting while other may not. The coat of the long haired Spaniel must be trimmed properly time to time. To have the best grooming accessories visit: edogaustralia.com.au

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English Cocker Spaniel Running

Color :

The English Cocker Spaniel breed is available in the colors like black, brown, red and many more colors.  They also have combinations in colors like a black color dog have tan marking. This breed is also found in parti coloring, such dogs are known as “Roans”.

Health Issues :

This breed of dog is more prone to ear infections, the ears must be checked often and the wax must be cleaned properly. The parasites like ticks and burrs get stuck easily to the coat as they have long hairs which can be a cause of deafness in this breed. They must not be over fed as they get obese easily. The dogs can suffer from skin diseases also. To know the skin diseases in dogs in detail click!

Care :

The English Cocker Spaniel are very adaptable kind of dogs which can do well in apartments but need to exercise on the daily basis to maintain their shape. This dog breed is very enjoying and have great stamina. The puppies of this breed must also be taken for exercise and play . They must be train and socialized from the initial age.  They must be taught by the gentle hands as they have sensitive Spaniel temperament and will not respond well on harshness. Since this breed is mischievous like other dog breeds so the waste and other things must be kept properly so that they do not spread the waste all around. To know more how to take care of the dog click here.

Height :

Height of the male of English Cocker Spaniel is from 38 to 43 cm where as the females have there heights between 36 to 41 cm.

Weight :

This breed of dog weights between 12 to 16 kg in both males and females.

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Mother Spaniel with Pups

Life Span :

The average life span of the breed is 12 to 14 years.

Litter Size :

The English Cocker Spaniel have the average litter size of 4 pups.

Price :

The cost of a Spaniel pup starts from the range of $2000.

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