Most Expensive Aquarium Fish In The World

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We consider fish to be the perfect pets.They don’t make a mess,don’t smell bad,don’t make noise,don’t need to be walked and we can put a bunch of them in same room without worrying about our house getting torn up.We don’t even need to pet them.Of course,we may want to pay just a bit more attention to our fish tank if one of its inhabitants happens to be the most expensive aquarium fish in the world.


 The most expensive aquarium fish in the world is the Platinum Arowana also known as White Arowana.The most expensive ornamental fish can coexist with every bigger then their mouths and not aggressive fish species.More than an Arowana in a tank is dangerous because they will fight each other.

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The Arowana size is upto 35 inches .The tank for a fish must be atleast 300gallons(1100 litres).The aquarium must be atleast 3 times longer than the fish.The water for them must be fresh water .The water temperature must be between  75-82F(28-28C) with a pH level between 6.0 and neutral.The ideal temperature is about 26C.25-30% of the water must be change 1-2 times per week.


The Arowana breeds are as follows:

1.Green Arowana

2.Malaysia Crossback

3.Red Arowana

4.Red-Tail Arowana

5.Yellow-Tail Arowana

6.Australian spotted Arowana

7.Australian pearl Arowana

8.Silver Arowana

9.Black Arowana


This fish has relatively large sclaes, long body,and a tapered tail,with the dorsal and anal fins extending all the way to the small caudal fin,with which they are nearly fused.It can grow to a maximum size of 90cm. The black Arowana ,the silver Arowana has the same coloring throughout its lifespan.
The species is also called “monkey fish” because of its ability to jump out of the water and capture its prey.It usually swims near the water surface waiting for potential prey.

Arowana are sometimes called “Dragon Fish” by aquarist because their shiny,armor-like scales and double barbels are reminiscent of descriptions of dragons in Asia Folklore.


The most important factors for Arowana grooming are:

1. Lighting – 8 to 10 hrs daily of 6500 k T5(daylight)

2. Environment – clear or white till about 15 inches or midsize.Even for red Arowanas.

3.Good water quality– This is the most important factor , it will be the hardest to master.


care fish

When a fish is a placed in a artificial environment from its natural habitat ,the chances of the fish getting disease is high.Te stress due to the changed environment and also other stress factors like different feeding regime from the natural habitat and bad water quality management will also cause the fish to acquire disease.

These are the following factors

1.Space constraint-

When dragon fish is growing ,it is not only needs nutrition,it also needs a lot of room to move about.Otherwise the gill covers may be affected.

2.Change in temperature –

The temperature of the water in the aquarium should always be maintained.The sensitive gills can be affected when it is either too hot or too cold suddenly.


Feeding the Arowana is very straight forward.They are filter feeders by nature,but they have all the tools to be absolute killing machines.the Arowana eats anything that floats including pellets,bugs,freeze dried worms and algae discs .The Arowana also loves feeder fish ,however he bores quickly of chasing them if they are really small.

The Arowana is not aggressive towards his tank mates,only his diiner.He chomps at any type of food with tenacity.


As Arowana is most expensive fish in the world its price in India is around  Rs 60,000.

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