Fox Terrier

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Wired Fox Terrier


Fox Terriers are originally bred to be independent hunters and are outgoing, alert and active dogs.They have minds of their own, they are very affectionate and companionable along with their intelligence and determination. Fox Terriers are obedient and agile , they are used for search and rescue, drug detection and circus performer. They also serve as service dogs to the disabled. Fox Terriers is very high energy breed, very lively, cheerful and funny. But after running and playing, they will sleep all night on your bed or cuddle next to you on the couch watching TV. Fox Terriers from the good breeders are extremely healthy and hardy. 


The Fox Terrier is available in two different breeds i.e. Smooth Fox Terrier and Wired Fox Terrier. The Smooth Fox Terrier was developed earlier than the wired fox terriers. It is a cross of  various breeds like Greyhound, Beagle, Bull Terrier, and an old smooth-coated black and tan terrier. Where as the wire fox terrier is developed from rough- coated black and tan working terriers. The smooth fox terrier and wire fox terrier are totally different breed. In spite of different breed they share common in type, size and temperament. The major difference between these breed is of coat. The smooth fox terrier has plain coat as most dogs where as the wired fox terrier have heavy coat which is needed to be plucked in every particular period of time. They are not taller than 15.5 inches  and weight between 2 to 9 kg’s.


Smooth Fox Terrier


Fox Terrier opt the quality from Terriers of being happy, buoyant and are stubborn by behavior. Like other terriers they are a good digger and can easily make their way under the fences and they need a fenced yard to play. Fox Terriers are active both inside out. Since this breed is bred to hunt small creatures are of great danger because of them. In spite of there peppery character they are a good family pets. They enjoy to play with children and take walk with older. If they are provided with ample of exercise they can adjust happily in the apartment. Since every Fox Terrier differs in the personality and energy level, but considering the breed as whole they bark, they love to chase moving objects and have never ending energy.

Health Problems:

This breed have health issues like neuromuscular disease. Both the breeds are susceptible able of allergies. They can also suffer from deafness, cataract , lens luxation which are very common problem in this breed.


Pups of Smooth Fox Terrier

Living Conditions:

These breed require ample amount of daily exercise so if living in a apartment they still need a small yard to play and run. It is a fact that a tiered Fox Terrier is a well behave one. They must be taken for a run and jog on daily basis. They must be provided with proper dog food twice daily.


This breed of dogs is non or less shredder, but must be combed and brushed on a regular basis. When brushed properly this breed does not spread much dog odor. The wired fox terrier is not a wash and wear dog, it must be stripped every 6th to 7th month. The grooming techniques of the terrier is totally different than that of other dogs, so a professional groomer is a must requirement.


The litter size of this breed is around 5 to 6 pups at a time.

Life Span:

The life span of the Fox Terrier is between 10 to 15 years.


The approximate start price of a puppy of Fox Terrier is $800.


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