Gecko – An Australian Lizard

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Gecko are lizards which belongs to Gekkonidae family. These lizards are found in the warm climate all over the world. These lizards have unique vocal sound which is a chirping sound to interact with other lizards of their family. This family of lizards is the most species rich group with around 1500 different species spread over the world. These lizards do not blink rather they lick their to keep them moist and clean. The lens is fixed inside the iris that get enlarge in the darkness. They do not have eyelids instead have a transparent membrane. The eyes of these lizards are 350 times more sensitive to the light then the human eye.

These lizards mostly lose their tail in defensing themselves this process is known as  Autotomy. These lizards can easily climb the vertical surface which is smooth very easily by the help of the toe pads. These lizards are usually Nocturnal i.e. they become active in nights to get their food which consists of insects including mosquito. These lizards are great climbers. These lizards are found in different species.

Species of Gecko:

Leopard Gecko


Gecko Species

Crested Gecko

Tokay Gecko

Gargoyle Gecko

Flying Gecko

House Gecko

Leaf Tailed Gecko

African Fat Tailed Gecko

Panther Gecko

Crocodile Gecko

Habitat of Gecko:


Tokay Gecko

Geckos are  thought to be more than 1500 species all over the world, but still it is believed that there are still more species of this lizard family which are yet to be discovered. Gecko’s are found to be in wide variety of colors with different markings on the body according to the species. These lizards are found in variety of habitat. These lizards are mostly found in warmer parts of the world like deserts, mountains, jungles, rain forests, rocky deserts, grasslands and urban areas. In particularly Urban Areas the lizards are found in the houses. The length of these lizards vary from few centimeter to 50 centimeter. The smallest specie of this lizard family is Jaragua Sphaero which is native of South America and is just 2 centimeter in length, where as the largest specie is Delcourt which is native of New Zealand and is found to be 60 centimeter long but has extinct now.

The Gecko’s are known for their quality of walking on the vertical surface even on smooth surface such as glass. These lizards can walk hanging upside down. The feet of these lizards are covered with tiny hair like structure that stick to a surface like sucker. This adaptation means that these lizards are very agile. The diet of these lizards includes meat of animals, insects, etc. as these are carnivorous. The primary food of these lizards are insects and worms. But the larger species hunt for small birds, reptiles and even mammals. it has been found that some times these lizards eat moss in small amount.

Since the size of Gecko is small they have large number of predators. Snake is considered as the main predator of these lizards. Other than snake the predators of Gecko are  birds, large spiders, and the mammal species which are carnivorous by nature.

Reproduction of Gecko:


Baby Gecko hatching from the egg

The female Gecko lay two egg after mating which are very sticky with soft shell and white in color. The egg shell get harden so that the baby which is inside the shell and developing can be protected. The hatching process takes the time of 1 to 3 months. The incubation period differ according to the specie of this family and the habitat of the specie. The baby are not looked around by the female gecko after the egg is hatched. The Gecko species are getting extinct because of the loss of habitat. These lizards are kept as pet in various parts of the world.

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