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Genets are long and lean carnivores which have a tail usually which is at least as long as their body. They are very much curious and playful.It will explore every nook and cranny of the house including cupboards and cabinets. Genets resemble elongated cats or ferrets, and can appear catlike, except for their longer faces. Their body is a long, thin which is set on short legs, and have large and rounded ears. Like cats, genets have semi-retractable claws, and they can erect a crest of hair at the base of their spine when frightened. They are extremely flexible and agile, and they can easily enter very small spaces.


  • Small Spotted Genet:-It is also called as Common Genet.It has more grainy, and ticked spots.
  • Large Spotted Genet:- It is also called as Cape Genet.It has black or dark rust colored spots.
  • Rusty Spotted Genet:- It is also called as Panther Genet.It has rosetted and rust colored spots.



Genets are the best pets in a house as compared with the others.If you want the best chance of your genet bonding to you owners advise that you would find no other pets in the house with which your genet could bond with.They are agile jumpers and climbers,thus they will often jump onto their owner’s shoulders so that they could look around. They need a large space to run and jump safely and are also sometimes food aggressive.Always try and feed your genet in his own cage to avoid any accidental bite from a genet.It feels threatened while eating.



These re opportunistic feeder,and thus, will eat anything to which they can easily get their paws on. Small rodents, reptiles, amphibians, and insects are all prey to the genet in the wild.In captivity a mixture of grain-free ferret and cat food is usually offered as a base diet with fruit, insects, and cooked chicken offered as daily additives.If if there are mice, small lizards, etc. in your house then they will probably try to catch them and eat them.



Genets require large and secure dwelling. A large ferret cage is best for them because they already know how to climb and would like to live that way. Your genet needs several free hours in which it can play being out of cage. One interesting fact about genet is if it can fit its head out of anything then its whole body can be get out of it.


There are yet no vaccines for genets but annual check ups are still suggested by vets.The efficacy and safety of this practice is still up for debate. Genets are not cuddly pets.Declawing should be done at an early stage or as your vet suggests.They can make a good pet for the right people but the owners should always remember that they are not domesticated animals.


These are independent but get bond easily to their caretaker. They share a lot of characteristics with that of the house cat.The cost of it differ based on the different types of it.

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