German Shepherd Breed

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The GERMAN SHEPHERD Dog (normally called as GSD) is one of the best dog german-shepherdbreed in the world. These are considered as the strong, well muscled, alert, energetic dog breed. German Shepherds are also called as different names such as Alsatian, Berger Allemand. They are comes under Herding breed (AKC) group. The ideal German Shepherd breed gives the impression that they are neither clumsy or weak. They look strong, smooth, harmonious from their body structure. Gender can be identified very clearly among this breed. The German Shepherd dog breed is the new breed dog. This breed was developed from the shepherding dogs in 1899, thanks for the efforts of Captain Max von Stephanitz and others. The first German shepherd was exhibited in America in 1907.

Body Type:
The German shepherd is relatively strong and muscular breed.

 Head: The head is proportion to its body and the forehead is little rounded. Head is



neither be too large nor too small as compared to the body. The nose is mostly black, however is some cases the colour is silver, blue. The teeth are sharp and scissors bite, are very harmful to the hunt. Eyes are normally black and almond shaped. The ears are quite long, upward, pointed and turned forward.

Neck: The neck is fairly long. It should be strongly build with well developed muscles. The throat should be clear from throatiness.  The neck is held at an angle 450 in a great breed. The neck may be raised further when the dog is excited.

Body:  This breed has well developed and muscular body. It may cause a great impression. The length is exceed the height and gives a longer look.


Body Anatomy

Elbow:  The Elbow is neither turn inward nor twist outward. The length of the foreleg is approximately beyond the lower point of the brisket.

Feet:  The Feet are well build in German shepherd. They are compact and well arched. Both toes are closed to each and forms a well arch. The nails are sharp, dark, strong and hard.

Chest:  German Shepherd is deep-chested breed.  The depth of chest of a well breed is around 45% to 48% of the height. The chest is broad, fairly long brisket, and well developed.

Tail:  German Shepherd has a bushy tail. It lies smoothly on the croup and low. During rest, the tail slightly curves. During excited or in motion, the tail raised and accentuated.

Height:  A well breed German Shepherd is bit longer than higher. A fully matured male GSD has height up to 24-26 inches (60-65 cm) where a matured female GSD has height up to 20-24 inches (55-60 cm).

Weight:  A Fully matured Male GSD has weight up to 22-40 kg where a matured female GSD has the same weight i.e., 22-40 kg.

German Shepherd dogs come in normally three coats. Normal Coat, Long Coat and Open coat. The Normal Coats are dense, hard and straight guard. These coats are waterproof. The Long Coats have fairly long hairs which are not straight. The hairs are inside and back of the ears. These are not waterproof. Open Coats are long haired. These are formed a parting line along the back bone. The texture is slightly silk are not water resistant.


This breed is normally fearless, energetic, courageous and alert. They are cheerful and eager to learn. They are also cleaver. They have the high learning ability. They always

Black German Shepherd

Black German Shepherd

want to live with their family. They are well protective and extremely loyal to their master.  German Shepherd are normally used as police dogs searching missions. They are intelligent and human friendly.


The German Shepherd dogs are varied in color. They come in most commonly tan with black saddle. They are also found in rich colors.

Life Span: 
The life span is of GSD is around 7-10 years.

Health problems in German Shepherd:
The German Shepherd may have the blood disorders, digestive problems, chronic eczema, dwarfism. Also they may suffer to splenic tumors, degenerative myelitis.

The German Shepherd dogs behave gentle, obey orders and much more intelligent than the other breeds. They are named as “The Police Dogs” all over in world due to their courage, fearless behavior and intelligence. They are also known are the world’s best working dogs.


German Shepherd is one of the most aggressive breed in the world. But they are lovable, alert and intelligent in nature. The price for a German Shepherd puppy ranges from Rs. 20,000/- to Rs. 40,000/- .


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