Giant Schnauzer

Giant Schnauzer

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Giant Schnauzer

Giant Schnauzer:

The Giant Schnauzer are large and this can be assumed after listening to its name. This dog breed is a larger and stronger version of Schnauzer and have there origin in Germany and were used as cattle dogs. This breed is a cross product or Great Dane and Schnauzer which when bred is named as Great Schnauzer. They have squarely compact body with great agility and power. This dogs coat is harsh and wiry outside and dense also where the inner coat is also dense but is soft. They have rigid build and have reliable temperament. This dog breed is versatile worker and have great  power. This playful dog breed is good with children but not with infants as there actions can make the dog loose its temperament. They are very protective toward the family members and is reserved to the strangers till not introduced properly.

Body Structure:

The Giant Schnauzer have squarely built. They have strong head and are rectangular in appearance. They have large nose which is black in color and the eyes are dark and oval in shape where as are medium sized.  The teeth of this breed match in scissor bite. The ears are large and set high on the head which are sometimes cropped or left natural which gives it a V shape. Their tails are docked. The coat of this breed is dense, harsh and weather resistant. These dogs are mostly found to be in two colors only i.e. black and salt pepper.


Giant Schnauzer Playing

Temperament and Behavior:

The Giant Schnauzer are very playful, bold and protective dog breed. They are reserved to the strangers till not introduced by the master. This is an intelligent breed and love adventures. But some times these dogs are very vigorous and serious. They are working dogs with  versatility. This dog breed always try to remain close to the owner and react according to the mood of the owner. To make this breed a god pet must be provided with a strict training and exercise. Try to make the dog familiar with new people so that the nature of speciousness can be controlled. They have giant personality are are tremendous guards. The Giant Schnauzer have several qualities like being obedient and agile. They need proper exercise to utilize there energy else they can get destructive. They must be taken for a regular jog or run. The have suspecting behavior so are used as watch or guard dogs.


Giant Schnauzer enjoying in Water


The Giant Schnauzer have wiry coat which is very reasonable to look after. The undercoat is very dense and must be brushed or combed weekly with a short wired comb or brush else get matted. The knots which get formed in the coat must be clipped. These dogs must be clipped every third month so that the coat does not get unmanageable and can easily be groomed. The ears of this breed must be taken care continually so that the wax collection in the ears is minimum. The domestic dog of this breed are clipped where as the show dogs are hand stripped. They must be stripped which is the process of plucking the outer guard coat hairs either with the help of fingers or the stripping knife. The coat around the eyes and ears are trimmed using the blunt edged scissor. This dog breed less hairs and do not release bad body odor. There are several accessories available for grooming.



Giant Schnauzer

Health Issues:

The Giant Schnauzer are most prone to Cancer than other breed of dogs, they mostly get infected of toe cancer and if detected in the earlier stage can also lead to death. Hip dysplasia and Epilepsy are commonly found in the breed. The Giant Schnauzer also get infected of PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) and Retinal Dysplasia which are eye disorder. They often get infected of skin diseases.


The Giant Schnauzer requires daily exercise which includes vigorous games and long walks and jog. The coat of this breed is hard so require regular combing. The coat must be trimmed thrice at least in an year. The coat must be clipped and trimmed using scissors. To know more about Health and Care of dogs Click Here!


The height of a male giant schnauzer varies from 26 to 28 inches where as of female it varies between 22 to 245 inches.


Giant Schnauzer mother with Pups


The weight of  giant schnauzer varies between 41 to 45 kg for both the male and female.

Life Span:

The average life span of a  Giant Schnauzer is 10 to 12 years.

Litter Size:

Giant Schnauzer gives birth to average of 5 to 8 puppies at a time.


The starting price of a Giant Schnauzer is $800.

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