Golden Retriever – An Adorable Dog

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golden retriever - ultimate air dog in training

Golden Retriever Swimming

Golden Retriever :

Golden Retrievers are the most opted breed of US. These are large sized dog breed but are very cute and adorable. The Golden Retrievers were basically bred to a hunter dogs but being so cute people started keeping them as family dog. This breed is the most affectionate and loving family dog in United States. Golden Retriever is a part of Gun Dog breed. They are compatible to be a good companion, a wonderful showman. This breed is very obedient and is best for field trials. These dogs are very fond of water and loves to spend time being in water.

Body Structure :


Golden Retriever Running

They have a strong body structure and are large sized dogs. The teeth of this breed meets in scissor bite. The eyes of this breed are very reveling and large in size with dark brown in color. The nose is black or brownish black in color. The ears are short  and hung down on the either size of the face. The tail is thick and fully covered with the smooth and feathering coat. The coat is dense and water resistant.

Temperament and Behavior :

The Golden Retrievers loves to be in water and swim. They are lovable and well mannered dogs. They have great charm with lots of intelligence. This breed is a quick learner so can easily be trained. They are energetic and loving, and are self assured and  devoted pets. They are loyal to the family and always try to please there master. They are good watch dogs and enjoy to be with the people who show leadership quality.  These dogs behave in a very well manner with the other dog breed, this behavior is opted by the family dogs also. To train the dogs different accessories and kits are available, Click to know about them!

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

Grooming :

They require regular grooming but must be given bath when required. They are heavy shedder, so at that period of time they must be groomed daily. This breed shed twice in a year. The ears of the dog must be cleaned time to time so that not much wax collection is there. And oral care must also be taken properly. The  nails should be trimmed time to time. To know about the grooming accessories click here!

Health Issues :

The Golden Retrievers are generally healthy but are prone to some of the common diseases of dogs. They are much prone to cancer including cell tumors. They get problem of hip dysplasia, heart, and eye defects in which congenital is the most common. Skin allergies are also common with this dog breed. If they are not given proper exercise or are over fed they can gain weight easily.

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Golden Retriever Pup Carrying Ball

Care :

It is important for the Golden Retrievers to have daily exercise including the run and jog of 80 to 100 minutes. To relax they need to exaggerate its natural energy by playing and taking part in other activities. They are capable of living outdoors but can be best in living indoors with a family.

Height :

The height of both male and female dog vary between 20 to 25 inches.

Weight :

The weight of female Golden Retriever vary from 25 to 30 kg where as in males it vary between 30 to 35 kg.


Female Golden Retriever with little pups

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Life Span :

This dog breed have a life span of 9 to 15 years but the average is 12 years.

Litter Size :

Litter size of the Golden Retriever vary from 4 to 12 pups at a time but the average is of 8 pups.

Price :

The starting range of the Golden Retriever begins from $800 and ranges upto $5000.

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