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Goldfish is one of the most beautiful fish in the world. It looks like gold and its body is Goldfishlike an ornament. So this fish can also be called as ornamental fish. Its scientific name is Carassius auratus. It includes the Cyprinids type fish which are located in China. Gold fish are originated from China from Carpike fish. More than six types of Gold fish are developed by Japanese. The colour of a Goldfish depends on which environment it lives. For example, if the goldfish lives in pond or river, then the colour is duller.

Body Structure:
Goldfish have most common body parts like other fishes. They have fins, tails which help them to swim in water. They have round eyes, a mouth and Gills which help them for breathing in water. Some goldfishes have round pair eyes which help them to see properly. Some of the fish have telescoping eyes which have a poor vision. The size of a goldfish is around 23 inches (59 cm) in case of adult.

Dorsal Fin:
The dorsal fin of this fish remains stable in the tank. Some goldfishes have a longFantail_Goldfish Goldfish diagramGoldfish diagramGoldfish diagramdorsal fin as compared to the other goldfishes which help them swim easily in water. Some of them have no dorsal fin on their body.  Dorsal fin of an average height signs for a good health of goldfish and they are upright.

Caudal Fin:
The caudal fin is also known as the tail fin. It helps the fish to move forward in water. The size of caudal fin depends on variety of goldfishes. Some of them have single tail while other goldfishes have double tails.

Pectoral Fin:
The Pectoral fins are located under and behind the gills on both sides. These fins help the fish to move forward and backward in water. During spring, these fins become thick and stiff.

                                                        Pelvic Fin:
GoldfishThe Pelvic fin is located on both sides of the goldfish just below the body. These fins help the fish in stability and stearing.

Anal Fin:

Anal fin is one of the most important part of fish body. It found on the lower portion of the body. It helps to keep the fish upward and stable.

Lateral Line:
The lateral lines are spread all over on fish body. These lines work line sensory organs of fish. These lines are so much sensitive and can detect motion. These lines can detect current, pressure as well as sound.

Gills are used for breathing in water. The opened gills allow the flow the water throughout the mouth and breathing.

This fish is a peaceful schooling fish. Not aggressive in nature. They can live Goldfishpeacefully with other fishes. This type of fish produces a lot of waste. They can handle a lot of ammonia. They usually live in freshwater which pH value is around 6.0 to 8.0. They are the great social and community fish.

Health Problems:
Health problems in goldfish are common. The most common disease in every fish is anchor worm. Except this, it has different health problems like Costia, Cotton mouth, cotton wool, flukes, ich and hole in the head. The ill fish cannot swim properly and always rub itself with the nearest wall or objects. Overfeeding a goldfish may cause death.

Life Span:
The Normal life span of a Goldfish is around 20 years. It may die in minimum 2 to 3 days if proper care would not be taken for them.

Goldfish is the first choice of each every people. They are very attractive which looks beautiful in aquarium. Proper care of this fish is needed.

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