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The Great Dane is a German breed specially known for its giant
These are also called as German Mastiffs.
Yes these dogs are bred to hunt and guard but on the other hand these are elegant dogs better suited to life as lover not as a fighter.
These are very protective in nature when it comes to their families.
Great Danes are very calm in nature which makes them best suited to live with a family in a home or in a small apartment. These are extremely intelligent dogs and needs a proper and positive training. If u want that your dane should be friendly and loving you have to keep him with your family.


Body Structure:

  •  Size: The males are more massive than females, they have larger frame and heavier bones. The males are not less than 30 inches at shoulders, while the female should not b 28 inches at shoulders.
  • Head: The head gives this breed it’s distinguished appearance and Untitled-300x225regal attitude, the head shall appear to be rectangular and long. There is a short muzzle skull that makes a Great Dane resemble a Mastiff.
  • Neck and top-line body:  The neck is firm and appear to be long and muscular. When it comes to chest , the chest of a Dane is broad and deep muscled.  The croup is broad and slightly sloping where the tail is set high into the croup and is straight.
  • Forequarters and Hindquarters :  When viewed from sides these appear muscular and strong, the feet is round and compact with well arched toes. The hindquarters are well angulated  with well let down hocks. As in the forequarters, the hindquarter also form a 90 degree angle.

Types of Great danes:

  • Harlequin Great Dane: This color pattern consists of base white download-11color with black torn patches irregularly over whole body.
    The spots are neither too large nor too small, this also distinguish them from the dalmatians.
  • Mantel great Dane: The color pattern for Mantle Great Dane is black and white with solid black blanket. The skull is black with white muzzle. The collar is whole white and in forelegs and hind legs the lower part is white, the tip of tail is white as well.
  • Merle Great Dane: This color pattern basically come from Harlequin great danes. This breed have grey as base color with black patches on it. The color of this breed can vary from pale silver to dark ash grey. They can vary in colors as well as in patterns.



  • The Great danes are spirited and courageous, they are very friendly and are not timid or aggresive.
  •  Great danes are very dependable.
  • A bite from a dane can do  tremendous damage to anyone but this breed is so friendly and calm that it deserves a nick name ‘Gentle Giant’.
  • This dog was ones used for hunting and guarding but its been evolved to a loving creature.



Since they have short haired coat they are easy to groom. download-4

  • A firm brush is used for combing and brushing.
  • Dry shampooing should be done to keep dane clean.
  • Nails should be trimmed regularly.
  • Since the size of this dog is huge it may be difficult to give it bath on a regular basis so grooming should be done daily to avoid bathing.

Health Issues :

The most common issues in great dane are:

  • Bloat  Painful twisting of stomach, mostly seen in 5+ great danes. If not quickly addressed can result in death.
  • Hip/Elbow Dysplasia  Its a poly-genetic hereditary disease which generally cause pain and lameness.
  • Cardiomyopathy  Its a heart disease which is mostly found in danes.
  • Osteosarcoma  Its a type of bone cancer which is 3rd most found disease in danes.

 Care : 

Proper care of Great Danes should be done to avoid any health problems and to keep them healthy and active. Some of the ways of keeping care of a great dane are –

  • Once he is 7 weeks old, expose your dog to other dogs and people to download-6make him  more social and friendly and less aggressive in later life.
  • Train your great dane from very starting using positive techniques so that later they can be controlled easily.
  • Brush your great dane daily so that he remain clean and daily bathing which is not possible for such giant creature can be avoided.
  • These dogs need exercise so take him to walk for long in neighborhood  so that there will be no issues with bone and other physical problems.
  • Feed your dane 3-4 times a day to puppy and 2-3 times to adult.
  • Feed premium dog foods to your dane. Do not feed the puppy foods to the adult. It may harmful. The Premium foods include the pedigree, meat, rice milk and some nutrition food. Do not overfeed them.
  • Take him to vet on a regular basis or regular checkups.

Price : 

Great Danes are the large dogs. The price of the Great Dane Puppies ranges from Rs. 25,000/- to Rs. 50,000/- . 


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