The Great Pyrenees Dogs

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PyreneesGreat Pyrenees dogs are also called as Pyrenean mountain dog,
they were basically originated in Central Asia or Siberia.
The Pyrenees are also related to St.Bernard .The dogs were breed to guard sheep and they gained popularity with french nobility as a guard dog, the dog got spiky collar and thick coat which helps them to protect vulnerable flokes from wolves and bear. The great Pyrenees has proved to be very versatile in nature since they are capable to perform various tasks. These are really active indoors and love to be a part of a family, they are not best suited for apartment or less space, they need large space.



  • The length of the dog appears to be long as compared to its height.
  • The head is wedge shaped with a slightly rounded crown .
  • The undercoat is dense, fine and wooly, and the outer coat appears to be long, thick, coarse and flat.
  • Pyrenees have broad chest.
  • Their tail is well feathered that reaches the hocks and can be carried up and down according to dogs mood.
  • The appearance of the dog is different with different coat patterns, it can be solid white or white with tan, wolf grey,reddish brown or pale yellow.
  • Height: Around 27-32 inches (male) and 25-29 inches(female)
    Weight: Males are around 45 kg and Females are around 38 kg.


  • The Great Pyrenees are highly capable and imposing guardians since they are breed to guard livestock.
  • TemperamentThey reach maturity after 2 years.
  • They are very devoted to their families even if it comes to sacrifice their lives and they don’t like much to be with strangers.
  • They are very well mannered and serious dogs until and unless they are not provoked. They are very courageous and loyal to their families.
  • They are also very gentle towards children and love to play with them and they also guard them.
  • These are also good with non-canine animals like cat which shows the calm nature of this dog .
  • They tend to bark a lot and also to drool and slobber.


  • GroomingRegular brushing is advised but extra care is needed when the dog shed his dense coat.
  • The outer coat of this dog does not mat until and unless any other object like burr or foxtail get stuck into the coat. So coat should be regularly checked.
  • Bathing and shampooing should be done only when necessary, unnecessary bathing will lead to shedding of coat.
  • Shaving off their coat in summers should be avoided which causes sunburn.

HEALTH ISSUES :Pyrenees Health

  • The Pyrenees have life span of 10 to 12 years and they are prone to some minor health issues  like  entropion, osteosarcoma, Osteochondrosis Dissecans (OCD, skin problems etc.
  • Pyrenees are prone to serious problems like  canine hip dysplasia (CHD).
  • Sometimes they also suffer from spinal muscular atrophy, gastric torsion, and otitis externa.
  • So they are required to visit vets regularly to avoid these issues.


The price of a Great Pyrenees varies between 15,000 to 20,000 INR depending on the quality of breed and health clearances.



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