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Greyhound is one of the most ancient breed found. They belong to the hound dog breed and is the fastest dog in the world which can reach with a speed of 65 km/hr. Greyhounds have their origin from Egypt and are the only mentioned dog breed in the Bible. These dogs were first to participate in a dog show and are always preferred for racing purpose. Earlier these dogs when used to get retired from their racing career they were destroyed but with the efforts made by the greyhound  rescue these dogs have found their place at homes.


body hound

The greyhound is a tall, sleek and a wonderful athletic dog. They have a narrow and a long head which is very much wide in between the ears. The ears are small in size which are folded and held back. The eyes of greyhound are dark in color and the legs are long giving appearance of perfectly straight legs. Their chest is wide and deep and there is long tail which is slightly curved upward. There are usually two types of greyhound which primarily differ in size:-

  • Racing greyhound which is 25 to 29 inches tall.
  • Show greyhound which is larger in size with 26 to 30 inches in height.


beha hound

The greyhound is a brave dog with charming and loving nature. It has reserved behavior towards the strangers but also a little bit towards its master. These are non-aggressive breeds and are intelligent too. Greyhounds are inactive when kept indoors rather a small yard can make a wonderful place for them. In some conditions they are comfortable in small apartments if they are able to do enough exercise over there. It is comfortable with other pets as well and rarely harms small pets.



hlth pblm

Greyhounds are the healthy breed but they are very sensitive to drugs including insecticides. They are prone to bloat which cause the stomach to distend and can destroy the dog. These dogs are also prone to hypothyroidism which results due to the low level of hormones produced by the thyroid gland. In this the coat of the dog becomes brittle and starts falling off due to which skin become tough and dark in color.


FEEDING:food hound

It is always taken care that the greyhounds are fed two to three small meals rather than providing a large meal. They are preferred to give high quality dry food divided into equal proportion of two meals.


The greyhound is an average shedder and its coat is short and smooth which is easy to groom. Their coat comes in various colors such as black, blue and red. Use of firm bristle brush makes comb simple for these dogs.


The greyhound love to go on a daily routine walk so as to keep itself highly energetic. They requires a regular exercise which keeps them active and if the exercise is not done on regular basis then they could become destructive.


The cost of greyhound varies from state to state. The greyhound varies from Rs 5000 to Rs 20,000.


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