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Guenons, they are among the 26 species of the African monkeys who are highlighted by the bold markings of white or bright colors. They are slim, graceful monkeys with long arms and legs, and short faces. Their tails are longer than combined head and body length of about 42-56cm.



Guenons have patches of short contrasting fur on the nose. The large spot nosed guenon  is common in west Africa.  They have grey flecked black fur and an oval yellowish or white nose spot. The Lesula, other guenon possess spot of yellowish brown fur on the top of its nose.  Lesula was first determined in 2007 and declared as specie in 2012. They have a big eye and make the animal distinct from others.. Some of the other known guenons are the Diana Monkey, the Owl faced monkey, the Mona monkey and De Brazza’s monkey.


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Most guenons live in groups of females. They always have a young adult male in group. The male species for calling purpose utter loud barks or chirps. Guenons widely search for leaves, fruits and other vegetation to burn their hunger out. There are also several species which raid crops. In some species breeding occurs at any time of the year. If there is taken proper care of guenons , their life may exceed 20-30 years.


The guenons are among most rich species of the world still there have been much issues regarding their positional behavior. The two scientist name firstly Haddow described general m0vement pattern of red tailed monkeys whereas Tappen summarized guenon habitat use.beha


Stress hormones are involved in essential and regulation of immune system. They analyse the behavior and are helpful in assessing the variations that comes on way. Female guenons form behavioral and linear dominance hierarchies but this wasn’t so much beneficial as there is no much evidence about it. All the members of the of he guenon are endemic to the sub Saharan Africa.



The red tailed guenons are extremely fast and active monkeys. They are native to the tropical forests of East and Central Africa. They talk to each other with birds like chirps and communicate through visual cues. They live together in family groups that range from 7-35. Red tailed guenon are most active in early morning and late evening. They always prefer to stay in mid level tree canopy. There they feed on leaves, shoots, fruits and flowers. While moving through the trees they use their long tails to balance themselves. They are very quick in learning things. They know that best time to raid a farm is under cover of darkness.


Leopards and crowned hawk eagles are common predators of red tailed guenon. When a group of red tailed guenons are distributed or detect a predator nearby, the male of the group makes an explosive warning cough.



The cost of monkey depend on the type of monkey . They range anywhere between $1000 to $2000. Price of baby monkeys is somewhat less than this.

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