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Guinea PigsThe Guinea Pigs also known as cavy, they are neither from Pigs family nor  from guinea , they are species of rodent. Guinea pigs are one ofthe most popular household pets in western societies.These are social animals and are mostly kept as pets in same sex pair,the female pair is preferred. These pets are best suited for children moreover they are affordable as well as entertaining. But before buying a guinea pig you need to do a little research on them because keeping a guinea pig as pet means big responsibility.

                                                                  Body Structure of Guinea Pigs:
AnatomyThese rabbits have compact body structure.  Their head is quite parallel to the body. The mouth is small and long. They have small ears and eyes and small snout with sensory whiskers each side and their tali is not visible which is felt under the skin. They got two gnawing teeth in front which grow throughout their life spam. They have short legs and little feet with claws on, front leg have four claws but rear legs got only three claws.

This breed rabbit is approximately 10 inches long. Their weight is about 2 to 3 pounds. They have the life span of 5 to 7 years.

Different breeds of guinea pigs:
TypesThere are many types of breeds of guinea pigs, some of them are named below-

  • Smooth coated breeds which consists of short haired, American crested and ridge back guinea pigs.
  • Long coated breeds which consists of guinea pigs having long coats.
  • Rough coated breeds consists rough hair that stands on end all over the body.
  • Hairless breeds consists of few varieties of guinea pigs that are skinny and have no hair on their body.

Behavior and Handling:

  • This breed will start teeth chattering when they will angry. Some people think that through this sound, they are telling others to keep away. So do not make annoy your Guinea Pig.
  • When the rabbit is worried or frightened, it bites or nips its master. images (5)Usually when they are wrongly handled or picked up, they may bit to the picker. 
  •  They usually hide and run away from being picked up. that moment is quite difficult to catch them. When they trapped or stopped, you can pick up them slowly.
  • Proper care should be taken in case of this rabbit. They need regular check ups to resolve their health problems.

 Health issues:

  • Common health issues that are seen in guinea pigs are respiratory tact infections, diarrhea etc.
  •  Mange mites are common cause of hair loss.
  • Guinea pigs should be kept in a hygienic environment  or they can face various health problems.
  • Atmospheric changes should be avoided which cause sneezing and other temperature related problems.


  • Females reach sexual maturity in 2 months of age and can reproduce up to 5 years of age.
  • Males reach sexual maturity in 3 months of age but best time for male to bred is 4 years of age.
  • The gestation period of guinea pigs are 60-72 days and pups are born relatively more developed than other species.

Fun fact:
Pop-corningThis breed is quite funny. they are very joyful and playful in nature. They love to play with children. They make funny sounds while they are happy.  A happy guinea pig will jump straight up in the air—this is called pop-corning!

This breed is popular for begging. usually they beg for a piece of cheese to its master. That moment is awesome. In excitement, they stand on their legs like a dog and beg for that cheese. They are very fond of cheese.


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