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introIrish setter is a breed of gundog and a family dog. This breed of dog became popular in the 18th century. It was developed by the mixture of the Irish Terrier, Irish Water Spaniel, English Setter, Pointer and the Gordon Setter. The term Irish setter  is commonly used to encompass the show-bred dog recognised by the American Kennel Club as well as the field-bred Red Setter recognised by the Field Dog Stud Book.

It was called as Irish red setter in the United States. The Irish hunters wanted a fast moving dog which could be seen from a distance and in this way they found their dog in red and white breeds from these crosses. In the year 1862 in Ireland a breed called Champion Palmerston was born which was a long head and good built breed. This breed was considered good for fields. Another thing happened, the dog became a sensation as a show dog. The people changed their interest from fields dog to a show dog. But later some breeders retained the dual abilities of the breed.



The dog is considered as a bird dog. It has a long and slender body. The coat on the body is long and silky. The color of the hair on the body is red or chestnut color. . Irish Setters range in height from 25 to 27 inches (64 to 69 cm), males weigh 60 to 70 lb (27 to 32 kg) and females 53 to 64 lb (24 to 29 kg). The FCI Breed Standard for the Irish Setter stipulates males: 23 to 26.5 inches (58 to 67 cm), females: 21.5 to 24.5 inches (55 to 62 cm). . The nose is either black or brown with wide open nostrils. The medium-sized eyes are almond shaped and the ears are triangular and hang close to the head. There is no black, but may be a small amount of white on the chest, throat and toes. It has a long tail as well.


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They are highly intelligent  and full of energy. They require proper exercises for mind and body otherwise they become destructive , impulsive and difficult to manage. They are also called therapy dogs in schools and hospitals.The owner should be calm and confident while giving the dog rules that they must follow. The dog is playful by nature. This dog is a hunting dog and has an excellent nose and is comfortable in any circumstances whether it is the terrain or the climate. These dogs are not the apartment dogs until the owner is himself/herself into exercises, running and altaking the dog with them because this dog requires proper exercises and is best suited for large yards.



  • Proper bathing of the dog.
  • Dry shampooing of the dog.
  • Daily brushing of the hair with a soft comb.
  • Trimming of hair at proper time whenever required.


  • MajorConcerns: PRA, CHD, gastric torsion
  • Minor Concerns: ¬†epilepsy, megaesophagus, OCD, panosteitis, HOD
  • Occasionally seen: OCD, epilepsy, hemophilia A
  • Suggested tests: DNA for PRA, hip, eye, cardiac
  • ¬†This breed¬†tends to bloat. It may be wise to feed 2 or 3 small meals a day instead of one big


About 12-15 years.



Gun Dog, AKC Sporting


Price of this dog is $300-$500.

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  • Shubhangi Naithani

    Irish setter has a long body with silky hairs…they are intelligent , energetic and playful breeds of dogs…

  • Sukanta Pal

    Irish Setter has a long and slender body with long and silky hair. This dog is highly energetic and intelligent. This dog is a hunting dog and has an excellent nose and is comfortable in any circumstances whether it is the terrain or the climate.

  • Sakshi Soni

    along with its appearance, the Irish setter’s personality is fun loving, playful & affectionate..

  • Abhishek Badola

    Irish settr is dog who is very playful and loving with the family members of the owner’s. He looks amazing due to his floating hair. These dogs have some reddish colour which makes it something different.

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