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Japanese bobtail is the most wonderful breed among all the cats. These cats are full of Japanese-Bobtail-Cat-1506_l_952b45439a147bb1energy and is always playful and loving. They are said to be a very intelligent and an independent animal. Its body is usually covered with soft hair because of which it is termed as furry skinned mammal. It is a delightful animal which wants to be the center of attraction for everyone. It is the oldest naturally occurring breed of the cats found worlwide.      


The Japanese bobtail is a medium size cat weighing six to ten pounds. It is characterized by a short tail that can be flexible or even can be rigid and got short silky hairs on its skin. It has got a unique feature which distinguish Japanese bobtail from the other breeds of cats. The back legs are slightly longer than the front legs which provides a muscular appearance to the back legs. The head of the Japanese bobtail is triangular in shape and the ears are held upright. The sharp and specialized and sharp teeth of these cats plays an important role in tearing meat. Their eyes appear oval rather than rounds which is a salient feature of this type of breed of cat which helps them to see even in darkness.


Japanese bobtail comes in many colors. They are found in solid color that means the cat has only one color either gray or black and do not have any stripes. The Japanese bobtail also comes in tabby patterns in which the cats have stripes covering their body. The Japanese bobtail is well known for tricolor calico pattern which consists of three color mainly black, brown ,orange or white. Other colors that defines this cat is tortoishels in which they are usually made up of black and orange color in which black is the most dominating color.                                                    


The Japanese bobtail is one of the most friendly breed of the cats. They enjoy every moment with the people around it and always wants to be the center of attraction. They watch television and love to learn new tricks. They like to carry things in their mouth and likes to play with water. Its interesting to know if it does not get attention it would continuously meow at person or simply follow one to draw the attention. It lives like a family member , moves here and there and sit on the lap of the person. The Japanese bobtail has great bonding with everyone but this breed of cat is greatly fond of children.


The Japanese bobtail has a life span of 9 to 15 years. It has got moderate bobtailamount of shedding and requires daily brushing. Japanese bobtail are generally healthy and have very much less health problems and on other hand Japanese bobtail has got long hairs as well as short hairs that can easily be groomed. It takes care of their own grooming needs by licking themselves with their rough tongue. The Japanese bobtail requires a rare bath because the skin of Japanese bobtail is highly water resistant.


This cat breed has various health problems which is genetic in nature. They are normally healthy in nature. But they may have certain type of spinal and bone abnormalities. Be sure about this problem before buying a bobtail from a breeder. They have also other health issues like renal failure, hypothyroidism,  diabetes, allergies etc.


This breed requires daily checkup. This helps to sign out the symptoms of disease earlier. So we can resolve the problem. They need certain vaccines for their bone or spinal problems. Except this, they need daily brushing and weekly washing for their better health. They also need daily walk with their masters. This breed is very affectionate and lovable with its master.


Normally Japanese bobtail comes in while colored coat. They are looking beautiful. Their price range starts from Rs. 3380/- to Rs. 5300/- in India. This amount does not matter in case of you affection about the pets. So go and bring to add a new family member in your life.                                                              

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