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A perfect companion for a man Japanese Chin are very intelligent and sensible J.CHINbreed of dog, also called as Japanese spaniel. Their origin land is china where the basic idea behind breeding this dog is for accompanying ladies from imperial palace. It is also said that Japanese chins were not meant to be bought by any one , they were basically kept in the hands of nobility and were frequently gifted to diplomats and foreigners who served japan . Japanese chin is a playful and alert breed and loves to be a part of a family. Because of chin’s small size they are best suited for apartments or small house, they are reserved in unfamiliar situation or with unknown people. These are trainable dogs and can be taught various tricks which can help him to show off in people.

General appearance of Japanese chin :

  • Japanese chin is a stylish dog which measures 8 – 11 inches at the highest point of shoulders, their weight measures in proportion to their height i.e approx 4-9 pounds.
  • APPEARANCEThe coat of chin is long straight and silky, there is heavy ruff at their chest and at rear.
  • The tail of a chin is carried over back with long feathering on it.
  • Chin do not get their adult coat until they are more than a year old, when they are in teenage i.t 8-9 months they are almost naked.
  • The body of a chin appears to be square and compact , they got big dark eyes.
  • They  also come in different varieties black and white, red and white, tri-color (black,white with patches).


  • Chins are affectionate, happy and charming dogs who loves to be with family and friends.
  • Behavior|chinHe is a pleasant dog that shows love and affection to all those he know but is little shy and uncomfortable with unfamiliar people.
  • Chins are talkative but not barky.
  • Chin people often say that their dog sings or chatter on arrival of guest or unknown personality.
  • It is observed that chins are so sensitive to their environment and emotional for their owner that he have the ability to shape himself accordingly.
  • If chin is living in an active environment he will do take part to keep action active.


  • Japanese chin is a very clean and tidy breed and do not need regular bath, once in a month is plenty for them. Dry shampoo will do great for them occasionally.
  • GROOMSince they got long coat, they need to be brushed regularly so that when they shed their coat it will not fly around the house.
  • Brushing of teeth should be done twice a week to remove tartar.
  • Trimming of nails seems to be done twice or thrice in a month.
  • Ears should also be checked for redness and bad odor.


health issue japan

Chins are healthy because they are mostly kept in an healthy environment but still they are prone to some health related problems, they are :

  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA): An eye disorder which cause blindness.
  • Heart Murmurs: A disease related to heart when there is issue with blood flow.
  • Cataracts: This is common disease seen in chins when they are not able to see clearly , there will be cloudy projections.



The price of Japanese chin varies between 800$ to 1500$ depending upon the size and quality.



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