Javelin Fish

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Javelin fish belong to rattail species. main1.bmpThey are found at a depth of 80-500 meters, in Australia and New Zealand. They are most productive in our tidal system, both in terms of producing offspring’s and in baiting.

They are easily caught by hunters and are known as best eating fish. They are a source of money for all people who sell fishes; commercial market of fishes is enhanced through them. They can be easily trapped in cooler months, i.e., July to October, as they are less aggressive at that time. Eating a fish solves more of our health problems.


javelin body

Javelin fish is 45 cm in length and weighs about 2-5 kg’s. Largest recorded height and weight of Javelin fish was about 80 cm and 7 kg’s. They have a golden green back, silver belly with traces of white vertical bars. It has soft white flesh which is very nutritious to eat.



There are two most common species found in Javelin fish, namely, Barred Javelin and Silver Javelin. Both of them differ in their characteristics. Barred Javelin has a maximum height of 80 cm; while Silver Javelin has a maximum height of 60 cm. Barred Javelin has brown bars only when they are alive while the other has no vertical bars.


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Fish skulls comprises of many bones. The skull of Javelin fish is a fusion of many bones. They are mostly found in sandy bottom areas of river. They mostly respond to a fresh dead bait of squid. Both species has an eye catching appearance. Their silver color seems as a silver lining inside water.



Javelin fish breed only when they are stress free and are in healthy condition. They breed inside deep holes at bottom of sand. They are in very much demand as they are easy to catch and are found easily. This process is very much important to keep their species away from extinction.


HABITAT:habitat j


They occupy Northern coastal areas of Australia. They are mostly found in estuaries, creeks, coastal water in bays and in tidal rivers. They can only be controlled by the experts, as they are sometimes very difficult to handle.



A proper food for a fish must contain fat and amino acids. The food should be quickly digested in order to prevent gastric diseases. Fishes are broadly divided into two categories – jawed fishes and jaw-less fishes. According to these categories their food is divided. Javelin fish come under jawed fishes. These types of fishes mostly eat crabs and other crustaceans. They can also be feed through Brine shrimp, Spirulina and Whole wheat.


It ranges from Rs. 400 to 1500.

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