Kakapo Parrots

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Kakapo Parrot

Kakapo Parrot:

The Kakapo are also known as Owl Parrots. This breed of Parrot is flight less and are native of New Zealand. This bird is the largest parrot and the heaviest as well. This is the endanger specie with total count of 126 only. The Kakapo Parrot have very soft feathers with a prominent facial disc covered with fine feathers as of owl, so is called as Owl Parrot. This bird is also famous with the name of Night Parrot as they mostly seen in nights. Kakapo means Night Parrot. This breed is not related to any other breed of this specie. The Kakapo’s are 60 cm long and almost 3.5 kg in weight. They are considered to be unusual parrots. The male Kakapo Parrots produces a “boom” call which is used to attract the potential mate, this sound can be herd up to  the range of 5 km.


The Kakapo Parrot have soft feathers which are moss green with black on the back and pale yellow green feathers underneath, The feathers are soft. The females Kakapo Parrot are small in size than the males and less bright also. The face of this breed of Parrot is similar to owl and have pale blue beak. They grind the food finely because of the unique bill structure. They have sturdy legs. Since they can not fly so use their wings to make a balance while walking and running. This breed can not fly than also can climb the tree easily. The wings keep the body held low and horizontal while walking and make the whiskers touch the ground.


Kakapo with Chicks


The Kakapo Parrots reach to there sexual maturity level in age of 9 or 10 years. And this breed can bred every 2 to 5 years. In the breeding season the male try to impress the females by  dance and group songs. After mating the female Kakapo Parrot lay 1 or 2 eggs and sometimes 3 which is very rare. There is a long interval between the eggs. The nest under the ground covered with plants or in hollow trunks. The eggs are incubated in the day time where as left alone at nights in the search of food. The eggs takes around 30 days to hatch, from which a fluffy grey chick of Kakapo Parrot chick comes out which are quite helpless. After the eggs hatch the chicks are fed by the mother for almost three months. The chick after fledging remains with mother for some more months. The approximate time for a chick to leave nest is 10 to 12 weeks.


Running Kakapo


This breed of Parrots are solitary. These birds mostly lives alone and travel up to 6 to 7 kilometers in single night. These freed is the native of New Zealand but as getting extinct so shifted to three offshore islands they are Codfish, Maud and Little Barrier. The island where this species is present is reserved from the predators and only have Kiore a Polynesian Rat.


These Kakapo Parrots are Herbivorous creatures and live on the root, fruit, seed, bulb, flower, leaves and pollen of different plants in the forest.

Life Span:

The Kakapo Parrot have the life expectancy of 60 to 90 years.

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