King Cobra

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King Cobra

King Cobra

King Cobra is one of the most deadly and poisonous snake in the world. The scientific name is this snake is “Ophiophagus Hannah”. The king cobra is the worlds longest snake,with a length up to 18.5 to 18.8 ft. This species which prays on other snakes is found in forests from India through South East Asia.This snake is not a member of  “NAJA” but belongs to its own genus.The king cobra is considered to be a dangerous snake and has a fearsome reputation in its range. It is also considered culturally significant and has many superstitions around it.



The head of a King Cobra is roughly shaped, broad and flat. It has two fangs of half inches which are used to deliver venom for the salivary gland. It lies behind the eyes of a cobra. The tongue of a king cobra is forked and used to detect the scent in air. Its tongue of a snake acts as a sensory organ. The jaws of a king cobra are stretch. There is no ears of a snake. It hears through the sensing organs which is mostly the skin. The snake has also an inner ear inside its skull.

Body structure of a King Cobra

Body Structure

The king cobra averages at 3 to 4 m in length and typically weigh about 6 kg. The longest known specimen was kept captive at London Zoo,and grew up to around 18.5 to 18.8 ft before being outbreak of world war 2. The heaviest wild specimen was caught at royal island club in Singapore in 1951 which is 12 kg and measured 4.8 m and kept at New York Zoological park and was measured as 12.7 kg at 4.4 long in 1972. The body color of a king cobra is brown, black and olive green. The belly portion of a cobra is creamy yellow colored. As it grows, it changes its skin once in a year. It also changes its eye caps in every year.



The King Cobra like other snakes receives chemical information via its forked tongue

Symptoms Of Snake Bite

Symptoms Of Snake Bite

which picks up scent particles and transfer them to special sensory receptor which is located in the roof of its mouth.  It also uses its keen eyesight able to detect moving prey almost 100m away. King Cobras are able to hunt throughout the day and is rarely seen at night. The King cobra is long and graceful. It is deadly in nature. It is also very poisonous.



King cobra is one the most poisonous snake in the world. The poison of this snake is deadly. Normally the venom of a king cobra is a combination of neuro and cardiotoxic polypeptide. This venom affects the nervous system of a victim. It causes unbearable



pain and swelling. The blood pressure of the victim will down and the vision is blurred. It may cause paralysis, unconsciousness and in more cases, death may happen. The victim of a king cobra should be taken to medical facility as soon as possible. The victim should be kept under observation. If any symptoms will not seen within 6 hours, the victim is safe. Except these, before taking the victim to the medical facility, tie its snake biting portion tightly with a cloth. Try not to spread the venom into all over the body. Do not try to suck the poison from the biting point.





It is most important when your snake sheds her skin .If the temp and humidity are right and if also goes well she will take care of herself. If there are any problems ,she has not shed in a long time,she might need help.A common cause of sloughing problems in dry air. At this stage having tried the dampened paper towels,raising the humidity and providing rubbing places,if your snake still not able to complete her sloughing take her to veterinarion.



The diet consists primarily of other snakes includes rat snake ,small pythons are even

Health issues

Health Problems

other venomous snakes such as various members of true cobras and even the much more venomous krait. When food is scarce they may also feed on other vertebrates, such as lizards, birds, rodents. In sometime snake may live for many months without another one because of its slow metabolic rate.Its most common meal is the rat snake pursuit of this species.



1. Look for a reputable breeder or a very good pet store.

2. Ask to hold a snake of your choice.

3. Buy all equipment

4. Set up all equipment properly and make sure everything is working and the lid or doors shut properly and lock securely.

5. A baby snake will need a pinkie mouse in every 5 to 7 days.



King Cobra is a malt liquor and preferred choice for those on a budget.The average cost for between $2.00-$3.00 in cost. It can be found on most corner liquor stores.



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