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Koolie is an extremely intelligent and active breed of dog . Koolie requires physical exercise and mental stimulation. Only exercise is not enough for the koolie to utilize its energy. An owner of a  koolie need to spend quality time with him regularly so that it is easy be handle him. This breed of dogs is very much people oriented and is happier in the company than being with another pet. If they are left alone without interaction they are very difficult to handle. Koolie’s are very clever dogs with gentle nature. The breed can do anything to lease the master.


The koolie breed is not bred for the looks but properly for the working purpose. These dogs is available in variety of colors like blue and red, solid red, black or grey. The eye color can be blue, black or brown. They have height approx 13 to 23 inches. and weight between 15 to 24 kg’s. Coat of the Koolie is smooth, short, short rough, medium, double coated or single, with feathers on their legs or without, long coats are not common in this breed.


The koolie is bred for the stamina and endurance to work whole day. Like other working dogs this breed also trait of herd which include sheep, buffalo, horse, goat and cattle. This breed jumps on the back of cattle. Koolies are generally not aggressive by nature. They can not tolerate any other mammle if not introduced in a younger age or must be handled properly by the owner. They have the stamina to work for 14 hours in a day. They know how to handle the cattle’s and lamb. They need to be agile and quick. They needed know to jump on the back, race, hold, block and drive the mammals.

Living Conditions:

This Australian breed is not bred for isolated life. This breed is active indoor but still need at least large yard to utilize its energy. This breed is best for those who can carry it to there work places to work with them. Koolie is not the breed which can survive in apartments.

k3Health Issues:

This breed of dog can get blind or deaf from birthbecause of merle gene. They ocasionally suffer from the joint problem because of extreme athleticism. If they do not exercise and play  they can harm there ligaments and cartilage particularly when they are getting older. They can get minor skin allergies sometimes or there immune system can get affected.The dog breed Koolies currently have the cleanest DNA genetic diversity in the world.


The coat of Koolie is easy to groom with a little attention. They must be combed or brushed with firm bristle brush, and must be given bath when necessary. They shed average hairs.


The litter size of this breed is around 5 to 6 pups at a time.

Life Span:

The life span of the Koolie Dog is 18 years or more.


The approximate start price of a puppy of Koolie is $400.


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