Kuvasz – Guard Dog Breed

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Kuvasz cuddling with the pup

Kuvasz :

The Kuvasz were originated in Tibet, but the area where this breed developed now comes in Hungary. This is very ancient breed which were used as the Royal Guards for guard livestock. The name of ┬áthis breed is a Turkish word which means “Protector”.

Body Structure :

The Kuvasz are large dense dogs with double coat which can tend from wired to straight texture. This breed is mostly white in color. They have almond shaped eyes and black nose. The ears are thick and V shaped but are a bit round at the tips. The eyes are dark brown in color are are set wide apart. The length of body is greater than the height. The tail is low which is not docked reaching to the hock. They have wavy hairs on the legs and the body whereas the head and feet are covered with shorter hairs. They coat is mostly found to be in white or ivory colors. The undercoat is thick in comparison of the outer coat.


Kuvasz playing with the trainer

Temperament and Behavior :

The Kuvasz are intelligent dogs. They are mostly used as live stock dogs. This breed is well suited as guard dogs. This breed must be trained to be socialized. They build strong bond in the family being very devoted. This breed is used to protect the live stock from the attack of wolves. Despite of the sweet and attractive looks the dog of this breed are tough protectors. They are fearless and defending for the family. This breed is reserved to the strangers but is gentle toward other pets. The dog of this breed are not demonstrative, but are loyal toward the family and master.

Grooming :

The Kuvasz have thick coat which grows to the length of 6 inches. The coat must be brushed on a regular interval of time. This breed is avoided to given bath as the coat naturally shed the dirt because of the coat’s property. Bathing this breed may cause to the loss of natural oil in the coat. Instead of bathing the breed is recommended to be brushed frequently. The teeth must be brushed twice or thrice in a week to avoid the bacteria buildup in the mouth. This breed shed heavily during spring and fall so require very frequent grooming at that period of time. Many accessories are used for grooming of the pets.



Health Issues :

The Kuvasz is generally a healthy breed but can suffer from certain diseases like any other breed. Some dogs of this breed can be prone to hip dysplasia. They can have skin allergies or problems. This breed should not be provided with the diet having greater callorie as later it can cause orthopedic disorders.

Care :

Kuvasz breed of dog is active and need a lot of exercise. This breed of dog is not meant for apartment life. They need proper large yard to exercise, run and play. The yard must be fenced so that no outer object can cause harm to the pet. They must be taken to a long walk or jog when they get physically matured. This breed of dog become aggressive when left alone for a longer span of time and can cause destruction as well. The Kuvasz feel uncomfortable in the warm and humid weather.

Height :

The male of this breed have height around 28 to 30 inches whereas the females are 26 to 28 inches tall.


Kuvasz feeding the Pups

Weight :

The weight of Kuvasz females is between 30 to 40 kg where as the males of this breed weight around 45 to 55 kg.

Life Span:

The average life span of Kuvasz is 10 to 12 years.

Litter Size :

Average litter size of Kuvasz is of 8 to 9 pups.

Price :

The price of Kuvasz puppy seems to be in the range of $1000.


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