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Labradoodle is a cross breed of Labrador and Poodle. These breeds were first crossed in 1955 but got popularity by 1988. This breed of dog is hypoallergenic. This breed of dogs have the qualities of both lab and poodle together. They are versatile and obedient as Labrador’s and have hypoallergenic coat as of Poodle. This breed is friendly with other breeds, children’s and the family members. These are very affectionate and loving dogs and get friendly with everyone easily, so are not good watch dogs. They love to be in family and are highly loyal. This breed is very clever and funny as well.


The Labradoodle have shoulder height vary from 13-26 inches and weight from 10 to 40 kg’s. As a crossbreed this breed have variety of features like broad head, wide eyes, flat ear at the eye level, scissor bite teeth with large nose with low set tail. They also posses a straight body which is slightly longer than that of tall. The coat is of three types having straight, wavy and curly hairs. These are available in three sizes i.e. Standard, Medium and Miniature.  A Standard Labradoodle is 22 to 24 inches tall. The Medium is 18 to 20 inches and the Miniature is 14 to 16 inches in height. Same vary in the proportion of weight. These dogs are available in variety of colors like black, chocolate, tan and white.


Since a Labradoodle is a hybrid dog not a breed, their puppies do not have predictable characteristics. But Labradoodles mostly have some common behavior or traits, the appearance and behavioral characteristics are unpredictable to some extent.  Labradoodle hairs can be soft and smooth as well as rough and hard too, and can be straight, wavy, or curly. Straight-coat of Labradoodles are said “hairy” coats, wavy-coated of these dogs have “fleece” coats, and curly-coated dogs have “wool” coats. Many of the Labradoodles shed, although the coat usually sheds hairs and these dog  do not have odor as that of a Labrador.

Like most Labrador’s and Poodles, Labradoodles are mostly friendly, energetic and good with families, children and the older people of the family. Labradoodles have a unique love for water and are strong swimmers as their parent breeds. The parent breeds of Labradoodle are among the most intelligent dog breeds of the world.

Health Problems:

Labradoodle suffers from the health problem same as of the parent breeds.

lp1Living Conditions:

These dogs do well in apartment and can manage in small yards to utilize there energy. They love to play in water as have a trait from there parent. They should be taken on jog or walk on a regular basis to keep them healthy. They should be provided with a good meal to keep them active and cheerful.


They require timely brushing to keep the coat tangles frees mostly for the dogs having curly coats. They need to be given bath so that the softness and smoothness of the coat can be maintained as they love to play and get dirty easily.


They give  birth to 4 to 6  litter at a time.

Life Span:

They life span of this breed is around 12 to 14 years.


The average price of a Labradoodle pup start from $1000 and above.


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