Labrador: The most Desirable Dog

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labrador-retrieverThe Labrador dogs are also known as a gun dog. The Labradors are the popular athletic and playful dogs.Generally they behave good with kind and elder people, this makes them a friendly dog.

If we talk about the dog of being athletic, then they have a very fine pair of legs. Their hair are too smooth and short. Generally these dogs are used by police and for other detective purposes. Labradors are on to the top of the list when it is about smelling.


imagesThese dogs are relatively very large with weight around 40 to 60 kg in males and 30 to 60 kg in female ones. The dogs  having weight more then 100 kilograms are depicted to have some problem or fault and an urgent treatment is required in that case. When these are compared with other breeds, they are generally of calm nature and have a quite longer nose as compared to the other breeds.


Unknown 1The variety is the main aspect when it comes to this breed. There are two types of varieties exists for Labradors, first is the English Labrador and the other one is American Labrador. The English bred Labrador had come from an  English bred stock. Its appearance is mostly different by an American bred Labrador. The English bred Labradors are more heavier, thicker and blockier. The American bred Labradors had come from an American bred stock and are tall. The double coat on  the body  is a little smooth and they do not have any kind of waves over it. Coating colors mostly come with a solid black color, chocolate, or yellow shade.


Labrador’s behaviour is very loyal and trustworthy, perfect lovable, affectionate and their patience, turns it to a great family dog.These dogs are highly intellectual, well willing and curious to please. This is amongst the top choices to use as a service dog at work. They love to play in water especially. These livelyhood type dogs have an excellent, most reliable and friendly nature.These are amazingly superb with children and behaves well with other breed of dogs.


Massaging  of these dogs is the best way to groom them. Do check whether they have any abnormality like hair loss and dry patches. Massaging them also helps to control the  loss of dead hair and skin. Do not  frequently use to bath your labrador as it can be a reason for frequent hair loss.



Labrador falls under the greedy breeds of dogs. The weight increase is the main problem which eventually leads to diabetes.


In these type of pets a daily dose of love and continuous frequent exercise training is needed in order to make your dog healthy and fit. Do feed them properly with the daily dose of training exercise.



A natural diet with raw meat and bones is increasingly popular nowadays .Do remember to feed your labrador with a small ounces of food. Feeding a large quantity of food at a time can be harmful for growth of the labrador.


A labrador’s puppy doesn’t remain small for a long time. Many factors are there which influence the growth rate of a labradors ranging from there genetic qualities which was inherited from their parents. Typically within 24 months of time, the strength of muscles increases  and it becomes more immune to  various diseases.


These Labradors are the most friendly dogs in this world. Their price varies from Rs 8000  to Rs 12000 per puppy. So just check out and grab the Labrador puppy as soon as possible.


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