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This article will provide you the information about the largest cat in the world.The domestic cat is a small, usually furry, domesticated, and carnivorous mammal. It is often called the housecat when kept as an indoor pet, or simply the cat when there is no need to distinguish it from other felids and felines.
There are many breeds in cats .So in the following article we will discuss about the world largest cats breeds in cats.

SAVANNAH CAT:images (5)

Savannah cat comes at number one position in size of cats. It is the largest domestic cat breed all over the world. The generation of this breed came from the crossing of domestic and serval an African Wild cat. It was originated in United States Of America.
LIFE SPAN : 17 TO 20 yrs
HEIGHT : 13 TO 18 inches
WEIGHT : 14 to 20 pounds
PRICE : $12,000-$35,000



The maine coon was established a century ago .It was also recognized by TICA as the champion breed. It is a fluff ,people oriented ,and friendly kind of breed .It is the cross breed between Lynx and Racoon .Maine co on are very dextrous and are capable of using their front paws like racoon to scoop the food.

LIFE SPAN: 9 to 15 yrs
HEIGHT : 25 TO 41 cms
WEIGHT : 15 TO 25 pounds
PRICE : £241 – £604

RAGDOLL:download (1)

Ragdoll is a longhaired, calm and friendly nature cat .It is large in size and kind nature. It was introduced in 1960 by Annu baker.It is a cross breed of Angora and an unknown wild cat breed.They have blue eyes and a distinct colorpoint code.They were originated in United States Of America.
LIFE SPAN :12 TO 17 yrs
HEIGHT :16 TO 26 inches
WEIGHT :15 TO 25 lb
PRICE :$500 to $1000



The American bobtail is a large cat breed. It has strong muscles with a short tail. It is a very affectionate cat breed which easily mingles with children and other pets. The Bobtail cat’s short or absent tail comes about due to a genetic mutation such as is found in the Manx cat, leading to the development of a stunted tail or no tail at all.

LIFE SPAN :13 TO 15 yrs
HEIGHT :10 TO 12 inches
WEIGHT :7 TO 15pounds
PRICE : at least $800

NORWEGIAN FOREST CAT: images (1)It was introduced by Vikings in 1000 A.D. It is a longhaired breed hailing from Norway, and one that is no stranger to cold, harsh climate .It look somewhat similar to mainecoon .It is very famous in Scandinavian countries.It was originated in Norway.

LIFE SPAN :14 TO 16 years
HEIGHT :13 TO 16 cms
WEIGHT :6 TO 10 kgs
PRICE :$500 – $800

download (2)RAGAMUFFIN: The ragamuffin is very similar to ragadoll. It has large expressive eyes and soft silky coat. It is also one of the largest cat breed. It is a playful and jolly nature cat breed .It has a dense muscle structure which takes about 4 to 5 years to develop.It was firstly originated in United States Of America.They can have a eye colour of blue, green,golden,amber.

LIFE SPAN:12 TO 16 years
WEIGHT :>12lbs
PRICE : $600 and $1000.


THE CHAUSIE :download (4)

This cat breed was firstly produced in late 60’s and 70’s. They are also jungle cat breed. They are extremely active cats breed and love to jump and run. They are rarely found in UK so are in extreme demand.It was originated in egypt.It was first recognized as a domestic breed by International Cat Association.
The Chausie has a wild look, with a long, slender body and large, tufted ears. They are elegant in appearance and statuesque, with a large to medium body

LIFE SPAN:About 14 years
WEIGHT :15 TO 25 pounds
PRICE : £750 as pets and £ 1100 as breeders.

download (5)SIBERIAN: They are originated in Russia. They have a thick and long coat to protect them from cold climate. It is a powerful cat that has the quality to jump extremely high.The majestic Siberian is a strong, powerfully built cat with strong hindquarters helping them jump exceptionally high.

LIFE SPAN:11 TO 15 years
WEIGHT :7 TO 17 pounds
PRICE : $700 to $1800

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