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Lemurs are the creatures native to the island of Madagascar. They attract people by their mysterious nature and bright round eyes. Their name is derived from the Latin word ‘ghost’. They basically are the link to ancient primates and are popularly known as Prosimians. They are very much unique because of their behavior such as singing like a whale.


Before the arrival of humans, lemurs were found all across the island. The only reason lemurs still exist is the Madagascar isolation. The first ever lemur like fossil appeared 60 million years ago in mainland of Africa. They share some of the behavioral characteristics of monkeys. Currently, all lemurs are endangered due to habitat destruction.

  • Feeding habits:¬†Smaller lemur species have a diet which consist of mainly fruits and insects. While, the larger ones consume the plant materials. Therefore, they are also known as the opportunistic mammal.social
  • Social system:¬†Lemurs are those animals which are popular to be socially devised. One of the most important factor of lemurs is that they are meant for Group Bonding. They do this by grooming each other with in a group.
  • Communication:¬†Another aspect of lemur is their communication. Sound, sight and smell are the three divisions which they use in communication. They make least use of visualized signals. However, ring tailed lemur is an exception.
  • Breeding Season: The breeding season does not last for more than three weeks each year. Females get pregnant four months after mating and mostly births take place in monsoon and rainy season.

These are the facts on which they depend.



The ring tailed lemur is the most easily recognized species all over the world. The ring tailed lemur was first found in 1758 . The ring tailed lemur exhibit an extreme habitat throughout southern and southwestern tropical dry forest of Madagascar. They are not much bigger than a house cat. When young males transfer out of their natal group they will often travel and move in pairs or trios. Females are not sexually mature until three years of age.


diet r

They consume high degree of plastic material. However, it is said that small ones do consume fruits and insects. We can say that smaller ones are omnivores while the lager ones are more of herbivores. Lemur when hungry might eat anything that is edible. A ring tailed lemur might eat small vertebrates when necessary. Lemurs spend most of the time in the trees. Sometimes, because of lack of fruits they consume leaves which result to their weight loss.


They are regarded as less intelligent as compared to monkeys and apes. They are popularly known for their large round and reflective eyes. They have furry, pointed ears. The Black and White ruffed lemur , the Wolly lemur are the common lemur’s species. There are majorly four different lemurs found which have nearly hundred subspecies. The biggest threat to lemurs is deforestation as many madagascar jungle have been destroyed.


A lemur can prove a great pet. You must train yourself to live with them. They range from $1000 to $5000.

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