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The Lhasa Apso is very small hardy dog .The body length of a lhasa apso is much longer than height of this dog.The small eyes are dark brown and the two hanging ears are feathered.The front legs of a lhasa apso are straight.The back legs are quite heavily covered within the hair.The muzzle is small medium in length.The tail is highly bounced,well feathered and quite carried over back in the screw.The dense double coat over the body is straight and long over the entire body.



The Male Lhasa Apso may be 10.75 inches at the withers and can have weigh around 14-18 pounds.

The females as compared to males are slightly smaller, and can weigh around 12-14 pounds.This breed has dark brown colour eyes and a black colour of nose,although the liver coloured lhasa apso has a brown nose.
This dog can have dark tips at the ends of ears and beard.The tail is carried well over the dog’s back.



Lhasa Apso is the most adorable dog breed. They are honest to their masters. They are eager to learn, In 2012, A Lhasa Apso, named Pudsey, with his master Ashleigh went to Britain Got Talent. Every single person in that arena praised the performance of  little Pudsey. Check out this video to know more about that event.



The lhasa apso was originated in Tibet near the Himalayan mountains hundreds of years ago.It was named after the scared city of Lhasa .For years the breed remained solely bred in tibet by holy men and noles,it was used as a watchdog in temples and monastries.The dog was considered scared,the belief was that when its master got died the masters soul entered inside the lhasa apso’s whole body.This breed was not easy to come across with and was very difficult to buy.The dogs are considered as a good luck for their owner.lhasa-apso_1825887i


For breeding, you need a good breeder. A good breeder can explain you the history about the breed. It completely depends upon the temperament and health of the breeder. It is quite good to breed these dogs among with the same breed. So that the puppy will be stronger and healthy. Ask to the breeder to bring the best and original breed. 


This is a hardy dog with a friendly,assertive nature,intelligent and lively dog,it is a good pet.LHASAS are most spirited and devoted little dogs that are affectionate with their manners.This breed responds to motivational training.They have a sense of hearing and are good watchdogs.The lahasas travel well.A human induced behaviour where the dog thinks he is pack leader to humans.They become suspicious of strangers and can not tolerate children.These negative behaviours are not traits of lahasas.They are human behaviour’s resulting from the dog not being treated like canine species but  it is due to the  lack of leadership and rules.


The long coat at the spine falls straight on either side .No trimming or stripping is needed for lhasas,although when in full coat.They need to be brushed once in a day to keep their coats from matting.Some owners opt to short the coats for easier grooming.Dry shampoo is necesarry for lhasa.Check the feet for matting and for foreign matter stuck there.Clean the eyes and ears for that they tend to tear.


A very healthy dog can sometimes has skin problems if the coat is not kept free of parasites.They do have a slight tendency to suffer from DYSPLASIYA. They can Also suffer from kidney problems,eye problems such as cherry eyes and bleeding.

About 15 or more years they live.This breed is very long lived.Some other dogs live upto 18 or more years.


If asking about the price then anywhere between Rs. 12,000/- to Rs. 14,000/- . But there is no guarantee that we will get a good quality one unless we do a lot of research and know the right people to approach.


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