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Lovebirds are one of the most beautiful bird all over the world. They are the smallest Lovebirdsparrot. These birds are called as Lovebirds because they usually live in pair. Normally  they live in Africa and Madagascer. These bird include the species named “Agapornis”. These are one of the nine species of “Agapornis”. Love Birds has been kept in captivity in Europe since 1700s. They are the large birds in small size.

Body structure:
Lovebirds are small in size. They are normally called are the thick-bodied parrot. They look beautiful with their colourful coat. Lovebirds are normally 13-17 cm (5-6 inches) long. They are normally robust and compact birds. They have a short tail. Their weight is around 50 grams.
The head is small, round and smooth as compared to the body. Cere is placed on the upper mandiple of a lovebird. Eyes are small, round and black in colour. The lower mandiple is smaller than the upper one. Their chest is smooth, long and straight as compared to the mantle (back). They have quite long feathers as compared to the body and the wings are attached with that feather. Their legs are strong with sharp and large nails. They have relatively a large beak. They have a life span of 10 to 15 years.

Lovebird is one of the nine species which come under “Agapornis” category. The nine species are follows:

1. Yellow-collared Lovebirds:                                                                  
Yellow-collared lovebirds are generally called as Masked Lovebirds because they have   a different colour on their face which looks like a mask. This type of Lovebird is  located in Northeast Tanzania. They are 14 cm long with yellow and green colour coat. They have also blue tail feathers.

2. Fischer’s Lovebird:
Fischer’s Lovebird is also named as Agapornis Fischeri. They are quite small and wpt0167m_mediumlocated in South and Southeast of Lake Victoria in North Tanzania. They are around 14 cm long in size. They mostly come in Green colour with orange colour in upper body and head. They have blue colour in their lower back and rump. Their beak is red with white eye rings.

3. Lilian’s Lovebird:
Lilian’s Lovebirds are called as Nyasa Lovebird. They are located in Malawi. They are 13 cm long in size. This species in generally comes in green colour. They have green colour on their back and rump with orange head. They have red beak with white eye rings.

4. Black-cheeked Lovebird:
Black-cheeked Lovebird is also named as Agapornis nigrigenis. These species are found in Zambia. They are 14 cm long. They come in green colour with brownish-black cheeks and throat. They have reddish brown colour on their forehead and forecrown, orange colour on their chest. Their beak is red with white eye rings.

yellow-collared-lovebird5. Peach-faced Lovebirds:
Peach-faced Lovebirds is also called as Rosy faced Lovebirds because they have orange colour in their face which looks like a rose. They found in Namibia, South Africa and Angola. They are 15 cm long. They mostly come in green colour with blue colour on their lower back and rump.

6. Black-winged Lovebirds:
Black-winged Lovebirds are known as Abyssinian Lovebirds. This species is found in Southern Eritrea and Southern Ethiopia. They are 16.5 cm long with green colour. Their beak is red with black wing feathers.


7. Red-headed Lovebirds:
Red-headed lovebirds are also called as Red-faced Lovebirds. They are found in largest part of central Africa. They are 15 cm long. They normally come in green with red colour on upper neck and face.

8. Grey-headed Lovebirds:
These lovebirds are found in Madagascar. So they are named as Madagascar Lovebird. Peach-faced lovebird shutterstock_17501248They are quite small in size which is 13 cm long. The come mostly in green colour with dark green on their back. Their beak is pale grey.

9. Black-collared Lovebirds:
Black-collared Lovebirds are also called as Swindern’s Lovebird. They are found in equatorial Africa. They are 13.5 cm long. They come with green colour with brown collar. A black coloured margin is at the back of the neck. They have dark grey or black beak.

These birds are active in nature. They are joyful, energetic, curious and playful. They need a large cage for their living. They are really playful in nature because they always love to play with others. These birds are social and attractive. They form a great bond of affection with their owners. Lovebirds always want to live with pain. They can live single, but paired lovebirds are qui good then ingle bird. Lovebirds have a great vocalization power. As they are parrots, they can produce a loud and high pitch of sound. Their normal chirps are not so loud, but they are like chatter. They can know how to mimic and all.

Lovebirds make noise all the day. But they remain silent during dawn and dusk. They love to chew things whole the day. They are the best pet birds for human because these birds are so small and easy to maintain. They are very affectionate in nature.


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