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intro...rMaltese is a small and hardy dog with silky hairs. This breed originated from Central Mediterranean island nation of Malta. This breed has round eyes which are large and black. They have black nose with open nostrils. This breed has silky single layer coat which is white or ivory in color. When kept long they hang over the sides of the body almost to ground. Most of the owner choose to cut them small as it is easy to be taken care of.

Body Structure:

They have slightly rounded skull whit a black button nose and brown eyes. They have compact body with the length equal to height. The drop ears with long hairs gives expressive looks. There nose becomes pink or light brown in color if not given exposure to sunlight. This is referred as “winter nose”. They are 8 to 10 inches in height and 3 to 4 kgs in weight.

 Temperament and Behavior:

temperamentThis breed is sprinted, lively and playful.They are very cuddly and thrive of love and attention. They are gentle, loving, trusting and devoted to there masters. Maltese loves to play outdoors. These dogs should not be over protected or pampered as they become unstable. They adore humans and prefer to stay near them.


To let the coat gentle daily combing is necessary on long coats. Clean the eyes daily and the beard to save them from staining. There ears should be cleaned every week and the hairs covering the ear canal should be removed. They shed little to no hairs. Most of the Maltese owners clip the hairs which help them to groom the dog easily and early. If the coat of maltese is long then it is tied over the head so that it do not interupt in there vision.

Health Issues:

groomingThis breed is prone to sunburn. They can also suffer from hair parting, skin, eyes issues and respiratory problems. They can not be well when its too chill or extreme hot. They need to be taken care in both the extreme conditions. They are also prone to teeth problems. They should be kept away from damp areas. Feeding them with dry dog biscuits can prevent them from teeth problem.


The Maltese are trained to follow rules and limits to what they are. They need a daily pack walk. Do not let the dog feel that he is a Pack Leader of Human as this can cause wide variety of behavior problem like excessive barking, snapping, guarding and even biting. These are brought on by the way a dog is treated by the people around it. Do not over pamper or over protect these dogs. If the dog thinks he is the boss he can snap over the children and adults even.


craeThis breed is meant for living in open space. If not have enough open space then can manage in an apartment where they can get enough exercise. They are fairly active indoors can can manage without yard. They need daily walk. They love to jump in puddles. The dogs who do not get daily walk are more prone to behavior mismatch. They enjoy large fenced yards. When taken proper care they have the life expectancy of 12 to 15 years. It may live upto 18 years but they have to be kept away from damp.


The price of this breed puppies starts from $700 and leads up to $1000. You can get this puppy home as it is very sweet and do not need open yard as can manage indoors as well.

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