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The mastiff is a purely a domestic dog. They are comparatively quiet than other breeds of dog, but my dogwhen  they come on attacking, they are hard to handle. They are highly sensitive. Hatred and love towards a person is directly proportional to the love he showers him.

I believe dog is the best friend among animals one could ever have, who could be loyal, trust worthy, a best companion and a soul mate. He becomes your best partner in every field of  your life. You can talk to him, you can go for a walk, and you can love him, feed him, shout at him, he will never complain about anything, instead will shower all his love on you, will guard you, talk to you and play with you.

I have a dog named Woofy. He brings a life to our home. A person with a bad mood is filled with joy while playing with him. All his activities are quiet cute and funny. Barking with him, jumping with him, acting as a dog sometimes feels funny. He is like a family member to me. He tries to help me with all my stuff.


Mastiff is a wrinkled skin dog and has a broad size. the nose and mouth together covers one-third portion of his head, and has a black coloring. Hazel eyes are quiet attractive. It has V-shape ears which are set wide. He has a short tail. Mastiffs look quiet cute, while moving his tail.

Not much fur is present on the body of mastiff, which make difficult for them to survive during climatic change. their weights vary from 100 to 130 pounds.


Different breeds are available for mastiffs. Each and every breed shares almost the same characteristic, with one or two variation. They are classified according to different region. Regional changes allow some variations in them.


Mastiffs are silent killers. They are loyal and faithful towards their owner. They are highly sensitive. Once they spot a person as bad, they will always treat him with a negative attitude. They show a friendly attitude towards other dogs. Highly powerful, courageous and protective with lots of love and respect to their owner.


Healthy mastiff is only used for breeding. Breeding a mastiff is highly stressful and time taking decision. Breeding should be done after two years of age from a highly recognized hospital. Regular check-up should be done before breeding a dog.


Grooming is suggested after every 4-8 weeks for cleaning ears, clip nails and for checking that all glands are in proper condition or not. Two times bathing is required for a mastiff. Grooming helps our mastiff to be in a healthy condition.


Mastiffs are highly allergic. Allergy can be from flies, food or environment. Symptoms include red and itchy skin. BLOAT and Hypothyroidism are also some of the major health issues often seen in a mastiff. Stomach is filled with air in case of BLOAT. Disease should be detected and treated as soon as possible for a mastiff to live alive.


Moderate exercise, walk and a play time are enough for a Mastiff to be in a healthy situation. They require proper training by professional trainers so that theymy dog1 become the active member of the family. They should be brushed and bathed weekly, so that their fur loss is protected. Monthly check-up should be done to avoid any disease.


Mastiffs are strong, loyal and really cute looking puppies. They are sold at price of Rs 13,000 per puppy. They are so cute, that no one can resist to have one.


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