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Mbuna is that the common name for an outsized cluster of African haplochromine cichlids from Lake African nation. The name mbuna suggests that “rockfish” within the language of the Tonga folks of African nation. because the name implies, most mbuna ar cichlids that live among the piles of rocks and on the rocky shores of Lake African nation, as against the utaka and alternative “haps,” cichlids that sleep in the open water or on sandy shores or soft substrates. Some species of Mbuna ar extremely sexually polymorphism, though several aren’t.

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Among biologists, it’s believed that each one of the percoidean species of Lake African nation, together with Mbuna and non-mbuna like the Utaka, were descended from one or a really few species that became interrupt from one another through periods of decreasing water levels that shaped the 3 nice rift lakes into several smaller lakes. In isolation they tailored to their immediate surroundings. With time the waters once more rose, and these new species were forced to adapt, once more, to new competition.


Lake Nyasaland is that the third largest lake in Africa and therefore the ninth largest within the world. It accustomed be known as Lake Nyassa and it’s encircled by three countries United Republic of Tanzania, Mozambique and Nyasaland.


It is nearly 375 miles long and encompasses a most breadth of fifty miles and it’s a depth of 700m in places however the common depth is 292m. The average pH scale is seven.8 to 8.6, astonishingly the GH is four half-dozen|to six} and therefore the KH is 6 to eight creating the water terribly soft. The temperature at the surface varies from twenty three to twenty-eight C. The tank ought to be the most important attainable. this can be as a result of it’ll be easier to keep up stable conditions and it’ll offer the fish enough area flee a bully. The smallest size you must take into account may be a forty eight x fifteen x fifteen and in such a tank you’d got to limit your selection of fish to the relatively additional light and fewer aggressive species.



If these fish ar unbroken in sensible conditions and free from stress they’re going to breed terribly freely within the community tank. Most species ar extraordinarily prolific and sensible healthy vibrant young ar a great deal in demand. what’s a lot of the fry ar terribly straightforward to boost. Having aforementioned all that I imagine you may be inquisitive why these fish ar listed as being a lot of stringent to breed and not within the straightforward section. the explanation is that they have a specialist set-up so as to stay them and that they can’t be unbroken with different fish as a result of their special necessities.




All Mbuna can do fine on a animate being diet with the occasional live or food product added . within the wild they graze on alga and any little creatures that board amongst it. This has become wide referred to as aufwuch. so as to copy this they have a light-weight high fibre diet. Suitable food includes Spiralina flake, feeder lake, Daphnia, Algae, thinly sliced Cucumber, Lettuce, Cyclops, branchiopod crustacean and Bloodworms. They should be fed very little and sometimes a pair of or three times per day



It Ranges From Rs 500 to 1800.

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