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Introduction :

Mink may be a common name for associate degree alert, semi aquatic, carnivorous mink-537x402vertebrate of the mammal family family that conjointly includes otters, weasels, badgers, wolverines, and polecats. The mink is larger and a lot of all-mains than the ecu mink. it’s typically doable to tell apart between the two species; European mink forever have an outsized white patch on the higher lip, whereas the yank species typically doesn’t. Therefore, associate degree mink while not a patch may be known as an mink, however people with a patch can’t be completely known while not examination of the skeleton.


Body Structure :

Domestic mink, that area unit bred in fur farms, have 19.6% smaller brains, 8.1% smaller hearts, and 28.2% smaller spleens than wild mink. The feet area unit broad, with webbed digits. It typically has eight nipples, with one try of mink body structureregion teats and 3 pairs of abdominal teats. The adult male’s phallus is two in (5.6 cm) long, and is roofed by a sheath. The baculum is well-developed, being triangular in cross section and snakelike at the tip.

Males live 13–18 in (34–45 cm) in linear unit, whereas females live 12–15 in (31–37.5 cm). The tail measures 6–10 inches (15.6–24.7 cm) in males and 6–8 in (14.8–21.5 cm) in females. Weights vary with sex and season, with males being heavier than females. In winter, males weigh 1–3 pound (500–1,580 g) and females 1–2 pound (400–780 g) most heaviness happens in time of year.


Behavior :

The mink spends plenty of its time within the water looking for food. it’s an honest minkswimmer and might dive as deep as sixteen feet. just like the skunk, the mink sprays intruders with a foetid liquid. in contrast to the skunk, the mink cannot aim its spray! once the mink is happy, it makes a purring sound sort of a cat. The mink is extremely territorial and males can fight alternative minks that invade their territory. The minks marks its territory with scent.


Diet :

The mink could be a carnivore. It chuck muskrats, rabbits, mice, chipmunks, fish, snakes, frogs and birds. It kills its prey by biting it on the neck. It typically stores further food in its den. The mink digs its den in stream banks or it finds a hollow log or Associate in Nursing abandoned beaver or muskrat den. It ne’er uses an equivalent den for long.


Breeding :

The American mink may be a promiscuous animal, that doesn’t kind combine bonds. mink2The pairing season begins from February in its southern vary to Apr within the north.In its introduced vary, the American mink breeds one month before the mink. Males usually fight throughout the pairing season, which can end in the formation of loose, temporary dominance hierarchies governing access to receptive females. The pairing season lasts for 3 weeks, with organic process being induced by the presence of males. The pairing method is violent, with the male usually biting the feminine on the scruff of the neck and promise her together with his forefeet. pairing lasts from ten minutes to four hours. This delayed implantation permits pregnant minks to stay track of environmental conditions and choose a perfect time and place for giving birth.The gestation lasts from 40–75 days, with actual embryonic development happening when 30–32 days, therefore indicating delayed implantation will last from eight to forty five days.

Life Cycle :

Mating season runs January through Gregorian calendar month. the feminine can have a litter of 3 to 6 young in a very fur-lined nest. The babies square measure weaned after they square measure 5 to 6 weeks recent. The babies can stick with their mother till the autumn.


Price :

The Mink costs to Rs 3500 to Rs 8000.


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