Moluccan Cockatoos

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Moluccan Cockatoos

Moluccan Cockatoos:

The Moluccan Cockatoos is a common name of Salmon- Crested Cockatoo with the scientific name  Cacatua Moluccensis.  It is counted among the largest Cockatoos. The female Cockatoos are larger in size than the male of this specie. These parrots are very affectionate and they share a very strong bond with their owner. In the wild the Moluccan Cockatoos inhabits the lowland forests which is below 1000 m. The Moluccan are sociable and very playful. These parrot demands plenty of  cuddle and interaction. These parrots are very intelligent and are very fond of  solving puzzles. They must be given ample time to play and enjoy in a day.


The Moluccan Cockatoos are usually 46 to 52 cm in height and weight around 800 gm in minimum. The feathers of these parrots are pink and white with a peach glow. The under wings and the underside of the tail feathers are slightly yellow. These parrots have large retractable recumbent crest. When the crest is lowered the feathers fold back over the head and the crest is hardly visible. The crest may be raised in the excitement or in emotions. It is also being said that the crest of the Moluccan Cockatoos is “Flamingo Colored”. The eyes are Black to Brown in color of the males where as the female posses the eye color which is Brown or Burgundy Red. They have loud voice and mimic as well in a well manner. The feet and beak of these parrots are black.


Moluccan Cockatoos


The Molucan Cockatoo is known mostly in the 4 small islands including Malaccan or Spice Islands in Indonesia. This specie have h now disappeared as a breeding bird. They are now rarely found in Setam Island which is known for two significant population.

The Moluccan Cockatoo is known from only 4 small islands within the Malaccan or Spice Island chain in Indonesia.  It seems now to have disappeared as a breeding bird from all except Seram Island, where only two significant populations remain.

Within its tiny range, the Moluccan Cockatoo relies upon primary (un-cut) lowland forests.  Unfortunately, this habitat is disappearing rapidly due to logging activities.  It sometimes appears in secondary forests, but has difficulty breeding there due to the lack of suitable nesting sites (tree cavities high above the forest floor).


Moluccan Cockatoos Infants


The Moluccan Cockatoos breed once in an year and the breeding period is from December to March. In this period of time the vegetation is at its peak and the food is easily available. These birds lay the egg in the cluster size of  3 to 4 at a single time.


moluccan cockatoo having groundnut


The Moluccans Cockatoos are feed on small seed mixed with oats, millet’s, sunflower seeds, which can be dry, soaked or sprouted . Sprouted beans are also given to them as food which consist of mung, peas, cooked butter-beans, boiled or fresh corns. They also also provided with fresh and green vegetables including fresh leave of spinach, carrot, celery, squash, green beans, peas, zucchini,etc. These birds enjoy eating fresh fruits like apple, kiwi, Asian pear, pomegranates, orange,banana and many more. The under weighted birds are feed with high protein kibble biscuits.

Life Span:

The average life span of a Moluccan Cockatoos species of parrot is around 65 years.



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