Most Expensive Cat Breeds in the World

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Cats are the best choice for human as the pets. they are adorable, cute and obedient. They are also funny, joyful and human friendly in nature. They can throw all the sorrow from your life with their happiness. This article contains the most expensive cat breeds in the world with brief description.


The List of Most Expensive Cat Breeds in the world is follows.

1. Ashera
2. Savannah
3. Bengal
4. Allerca Hypoallergic Cat
5. Persian
6. Peterbald
7. Russian Blue
8. Sphynx
9. Scottish Fold
10. British Short hair

Let us have a brief discussion below.


1.  ASHERA – $ 125,000

Ashera Cat

Ashera Cat

Ashera was developed by the company in Los Angles called lifestyle pets. It is one of the rarest and exotic cats in the world. It is a cat which is a mixture of African serval and Asian leopard. It is a cat which has leopard like spots, pointed ears which makes it a beautiful cat. This is domestic cat. It is kept in kept in homes by the people because it is affectionate, intelligent and loyal. They do not need any particular type of food and environment. The lifespan of this cat is approximately 25 years.


 2.  SAVANNAH – $ 57,000

Savannah Cat

Savannah Cat

The first savannah was developed in the year 1986 by a Bengal breeder Judee Frank. This cat is a cross between a serval and a domestic cat. It is the largest breed in the world. It is a tall,long legged,fat nose cat. These cats a loyal,amicable and are known for their jumping ability. When these cats get excited they wave their tails.

This breed is one of the largest Domestic cat breed. This breed can jump up to 8 feet height. Be aware of this cat. They are really adorable.


3. BENGAL – $ 42,000

Bengal Cat

Bengal Cat

This is cat is a cross between a domestic feline and an Asian Leopard Cat. It is a beautiful breed of cat and looks very attractive. The cat has large spots on its body,rosettes and a white belly. This cat resembles a asian leopard cat.

The Scientific name of this cat is “Prionailurus Bengalens”. This breed is extremely powerful. It has a wild appearance with large sports on its body.



Hypoallergenic Cat

Hypoallergenic Cat

These cats are a result of genetic researches of lifestyle cats called ALLERCA. The scientists tried to delete these gene that cause human cat allergies. These cat are medium sized. The weight of this cat is around 10 to 15 pounds. They are matured from the third year and then can live a long life. This breed cats are really lovely. They are adorable, affectionate. they are one of the great family pet. They are wonderful with children.


  5. PERSIAN – $ 15,000

Persian Cat

Persian Cat

This cat breed appeared in 1871. There are two types of cat short-hair Persian and Hymalaian .This cat is beautiful and grumpy longhair cat. It has become more popular by the time passed. Persian cats are quite in nature. They feel good with the children and family members. though this breed is not very active, they usually want to play with different toys as well as other cats. They have a long distinct and a sweet expression. The body of this cat breed is thick and stocky. This breed does not demand attention from its owner.


6. PETERBALD – $ 7000

Peterbald Cat

Peterbald Cat

This cat appeared for the first time in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1994. . It is a result of experimental mating of a Oriental  Shorthair female World Champion and a Donskoy. It is a newcomer in the cat breeds. This cat breed is a hairless breed.It is a loving cat and we do not have to take care of their hair falling problem. The cat has to be bathed daily. It is thin cat with almond looking eyes, a long narrow head and big apart ears. They have thin tail and paws. It is a smart, energetic and composed cat.


7. RUSSIAN BLUE – $ 5000

Russian Blue Cat

Russian Blue Cat

The cat which is on seventh place is Russian Blue. It is has silver blue coat and green eyes. They are affectionate and love playing. They are very curious and intelligent cats. But they are shy with people they don’t know. Russian cat breed looks bigger just because of its double coat. the coat is silky and plush. One of the most interesting thing of this breed is its “smile”. This breed constantly follows its master in every work. they will happy when their master come to the home at the time of home alone.


8. SPHYNX – $ 3000

Sphynx Cat

Sphynx Cat

This cat breed is also called CANADIAN SPHYNX. It does not have hair on its body but it needs extra care. It has a warm body .Cat markings like tabby, tortie, solid, point, etc can be seen on Sphynx skin. It has a heavy body, wedge shaped head and round abdomens. These cats are energetic ,extrovert and affectionate.


9.  SCOTTISH FOLD – $ 3000

Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold

This cat breed is called as lop-eared or just lops. The  Scottish Fold breed has a natural gene mutation that creates a fold in the ear cartilage, causing the ears to bend forward and down toward the front of the head. This cat has an owl like appearance. These are amicable by nature and is affectionate with humans and other pets.


10.  BRITISH SHORT HAIR – $ 2000

British Short Hair

British Short Hair

It is the most popular breed in UK. These cats are muscular, thick legs, small ears round face and color of eyes is golden or silver. They are indoor cats and are always laid back at home. They are loving to humans and have stable personalities.


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