Most Expensive Dogs in the World

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Dogs are said to be the best friends of a man. They are the loving companion ever a man can have. It is always said that a friend is one who is ready to help a man whenever he needs it. So, it is always beneficial to have such friend who remains always close and with you. ‘Dogs’ are best to define loyalty and faithfulness. So, why don’t you try to have such friends with you which are expensive of course but still you can spend some amount of money to make these world’s best pets your friend forever. Take a quick look on the information provided and add a new member in your family.


1 .German Shepherd
2. English Bulldog
3. Cavalier  King Charles Spaniel
4. Samoyed
5. Chow Chow
6. Rottwieler
7. Tibetan Mastiff
8. Egyptian Pharaoh Hound
9. Akita
10. Saluki

Let us have a brief description below.


It is the most famous and wonderful breed among dogs. German shepherd is loved by Nick_headall and no doubt they are the best companions for the human beings. This breed requires a little bit of time and effort to understand the surroundings. Once it is made perfect it is the best companion for the man.

WEIGHT: It weighs around 30-40 kg.

HEIGHT: The height is about 55-60 cm.

LIFE SPAN: It has a life span of 9-13 years.

PRICE: This breed comes in the range of $3000 to $24000.



English bulldog is the next dog in this category which is very friendly and children. It is one of the most loyal breed who keeps great affection with the family. This dog is very much fond of children and love mostly to be indoors that means children can easily enjoy with this dog inside their home safely.

HEIGHT: They have normal height of 12-14 inches.

WEIGHT: English bulldog weighs around 50-55 kg.

LIFE SPAN: They have life of 8-12 years.

PRICE: This breed ranges from $2500-$19,000 .


3. CAVALIER KING CHARLES SPANIEL Persi_-_Cavalier_tricolor

It comes in the category of small dog breeds. This dog remains always in a happy mood which is shown when it waigs its tail. The spaniel is a fearless dog and intelligent enough to adapt to new things. They love people and like to remain indoors.

HEIGHT: It has height of 12-13 inches.

WEIGHT: This is a light dog weigh up to 5-8 kg.

LIFE SPAN: It has a life span of 9-14 years.

PRICE:   This breed ranges from $1000 to $14,000.


4. SAMOYED: Samoyed-3

Samoyed breed is characterised by the white color which makes it a adorable dog. The snow white coat along with lovely smile of this breed attracts dog lovers. It is a smart learner and learns things quickly. These are fond of people and loves to be admired by them especially the children.

HEIGHT : It has general height of 1 foot 7 inches to 2 feet tall.

WEIGHT: It weighs around 50 to 60 pounds.

LIFE SPAN: It has a life of  12 to 14 years.

PRICE : This breed comes in the range of $4000 to $11,000.

5. CHOW CHOW:Chow Chow2

Chow chow is well known for its independent nature. It is believed to be one of the oldest dog breeds. They resemble cats because of their cat like appearance. These dogs love to be in the company of older children. Chow chow likes to remain alone and independently but sometimes play with their family members.

HEIGHT : It is a cute dog of 17 to 20 cm height

WEIGHT : It has a weight of 40 to 70 pounds

LIFE SPAN  : It lives up to 12 to 15 years.

PRICE : This breed ranges from $3000 to $ 8500.


6. ROTTWIELER:3565999-9445272222-rottw

Rottwieler is the large and a powerful dog. This breed is gentle and show love and care towards their family member. They are easy adaptable and doesn’t show any kind of aggression. The main feature of this breed is that it lives very calmly with other pets.

HEIGHT : It has small height of 1 foot 10 inches.

WEIGHT  : It weighs around 85 to 130 pounds.

LIFE SPAN : Its lives up to 8 to 11 years.

PRICE  : This breed ranges from $2000 to $8000.


Tibetan_Mastiff_0017. TIBETAN MASTIFF:

Tibetan mastiff is simply captivating breed. It is an extremely intelligent and independent dog who is very friendly to the owner and on the other hand very adamant towards the strangers. It is not easy to handle but little bit of training akes it very easy to handle. This dog works like a guard by safeguarding the property of the owner.

HEIGHT : It has good height of 61 to 72 cm.

WEIGHT : This is a heavy breed weighing 47 to 82 kg.

LIFE SPAN : It has a life of 14 to 15 years.

PRICE : It ranges from $2200 to $7000.


pharaoh-hound-dog-face-photo8. EGYPTIAN PHARAOH HOUND

This breed got its interesting name from the hunting which was used to be practiced by the pharaoh and  that time pharaoh hound was the kings of dogs. It is an entertaining dog and entertain people by its clown type skills which is special feature of this breed. The major feature of pharaoh hound is that it is sensitive which is remarked by the way it blushes.

HEIGHT : This breed has height up to 1 foot 9 inches.

WEIGHT : It has appreciable weight of 45 to 55 pounds.

LIFE SPAN : It has a life of 11 to 14 years.

PRICE : This breed comes in the range of $2500 to $6500.


9. AKITAAkita_inu

Akita is one of the extremely loyal breeds of dogs. It has a massive body with broad ears and jaws. The Akita is quiet, intelligent and dauntless breed. It is fond of family and always want to be with them. It has great quality of vocalizing with many interesting sounds.

HEIGHT : It has approx height of 66-71 cm.

WEIGHT : It has quite good weight of  34 to 54 kg.

LIFE SPAN : It has life of 10 to 12 years.

PRICE : It ranges from $1500 to $4500.


10.  SALUKI:salukiheather

The popularity of Saluki dog breed is increasing tremendously. It is a dog with reserved and silent nature. These dogs are treat to watch while playing as they are very affectionate and not at all aggressive. It has nature of getting attached with only one family member but also have loyalty towards other members too. They are characterized by the athlete nature because it can cover long distances easily.


HEIGHT:  It has a height of 58-71 cm.

WEIGHT:  It is a light dog weighing 18-27 kg.

LIFE SPAN: It has a life of 12- 14 years.

PRICE:  This breed has a price of $2500.



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