Parrot Fish

Parrot Fish

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Parrot fish is one of the most different species in fish category. This fish breed is found Blue Parrot Fishin Indo-Pacific ocean. They are colorful and they can change their color, shape during their life time. The most interesting thing is that this fish can change its gender in its lifetime. Parrot fish is a breed of fish which consist of family of 90 species which is considered as a family.

Body Structure:

Parrot fish are bog and long in shape. use their paired set of  fins primarily to swim, and occasional flicks of the tail to speed up.The fused-beak structure, which is the origin of the  fish’s common name, can typically be found while combing beach. While bedding down for the night, many species enclose their bodies in secretion bubbles blown from their mouths.

4052Parrot fish as named ,are distinct that of other fishes. It is hard to determine which of the colorful parrot fish is unique and most exceptional. The dimension varies within the family which range from 30-50 cm in length. In this family only few reaches the length of 1 m. The dimension varies from 1 to 4 ft (30 to 120 cm) . They have numerous teeth which are arranged in a tightly manner on the external part of their jaw bones.

These fishes  have the average life span up to 7 years. A variety of species,including the queen,secrete a mucus cocoon, particularly at night. Prior to heading for sleep, some species produce mucus secretion from their mouths, forming a protective cocoon that envelops the fish, particularly hiding its scent from potential predators.This secreted envelope may also act as an early warning system, allowing the fish to flee when it detects predators disturbing the membrane. The skin itself is covered in another mucus substance which may have inhibitor properties helpful in repairing body injury or parasites, in addition to providing protection from most extreme Violet Rays.

Types Of Breed:

There are completely different styles of fish accessible in the world. They are classified into completely different categories on behalf their regions. There are around 90 species of this breed.   These breeds are quite similar to each other  in case of body structure, behavior. 


These fishes measure both omnivorous and herbivorous. Their diet consists primarily parrotfishof algae extracted from chunks of coral ripped from a reef. Their feeding activity is important for the assembly and distribution of coral sands, and might prevent algae from choking coral.The teeth grow continuously, replaced by the material the have. Their teeth grind up the coral. When the digestion process is over they excrete the sand which may create tiny islands and the sandy beaches.  Each one of them can produce 90 kg of sand unit each year.

Growth Rate:

For increasing their family,  they can modify themselves repeatedly in their life span, and their coloration and patterns, which are a classification of nightmare varying  even among the males, females, and juveniles of the same species. They change their gender in step with the necessity of the family.The change in parrot fish is accompanied by changes in current steroids. Females have high levels  of estrogen, moderate levels of T and undetectable levels of the major fish androgen 11-keto testosterone. Throughout the transition from initial to terminal phases, concentrations of 11-keto testosterone rise dramatically and estrogen levels decline. If a female is injected with 11-keto testosterone, it’ll cause a precocious modification in endocrine gland and activity sex. They release many eggs into the water, which float freely, subsiding into the coral.

Health Problems:

Parrot fish is the big fish in size. It has many health issues. It may suffer in different skin problems and skin cancers. The major problem in this type of fish are they are not able to digest more amount of food. It may cause death. These fishes are omnivorous in nature.


If you are getting a parrot fish as a pet, then you should keep some steps in your mind. They need a large tank. The tank should big as compared to the size of the fish. the water temperature of the water in the tank should between 76 to 80 degree F. the pH level of the water should in between 6.5 to 7.4. The tank price ranges from            Rs. 1000/- to Rs. 20,000/- . You can feed various types of food to this fish which include brine shrimp and blood worms. You can also feed a good quality of pellet food. To maintain their color, you should feed them B-carbonate containing foods.


Their value vary from Rs. 1000/-  to Rs. 3500 per pair. Therefore, grab a colorful parrot fish to  make your aquarium look lovely and impressive .


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