Pet Grooming Accessories

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grooming pet

grooming pet

Pet Grooming:

Grooming of pets means maintaining them in sense of hygienic care and cleaning and maintaining there appearance by enhancing the looks. Grooming is done for different purposes. It is a vital part for keeping the pet healthy and increasing the life span. All pets requires grooming at some instance of time depending upon the breed, age and health. Grooming at a regular interval of time helps to keep a check on the health of the pet. The main reason for regular basis grooming are:

1. It decreases the possibility of various health and skin problems.
2. Gentle cleaning can be done to maintain the pets cleanliness.
3. It reduces external parasitic attack on skin. and many more.

Comb Kit

Comb Kit

Pet Grooming Accessories:

Grooming includes bathing, cleaning, trimming of extra hairs, nail clipping and cleaning of teeth and ears. It is done to manage the pet and protect them from the skin diseases preferably. For maintaining he pet one is in need of many accessories and tools like, comb, brush, shampoo, hair trimmer, nail clippers and many more. Every tool is useful in its own way. There are different combs and brushes used to maintain the coat of the pet depending upon the breed. These comb are of rubber, metallic or wooden according to the need. Where as shed blade is used to remove the dead hairs which are stuck on the body of the pet. Scissors and clippers are used to cut the extra hairs or to give the pet a look which is very attractive and affectionate.  Clippers are used to clip the long hairs which are falling on the face and covering the eyes and ears which sometimes irritates the pet itself. Stripping combs and knifes are used to remove the harsh coat from the body which can not be cut  or trimmed easily using trimmer. And after the cut the metal combs or bristle brushes are used to shed down the hairs.

clipper trimmer

clipper trimmer

To bath the pet shampoos and conditioners are used which are specially meant to be used on the pets to make the coat soft and shiny. The products and accessories are also available to clean the ears and do dental care of the pets. Different types of clippers are available to clip the nails according to the breed of the pets. Some of the products used for grooming the pets like:

1. 100% Genuine FURminator Dog Grooming blue De-shedding Tool Pet Brush Small

2. DELE Pet dog Grooming Tools Kit comb slicker brush Dematting nail clipper leash

3. Electric dog hair grooming clipper rechargeable Pet clipper trimmer


5. Genuine WAHL Stylique Design Pet Trimmer-Cordless

6. grooming scissor, Fine pin groom comb medium pin groom comb

nail clipper

nail clipper

7. Miracle De-Shedder and vacuum cleaner attachment -Large

8. Miracle De-Shedder and vacuum cleaner attachment -Medium

9. Miracle De-Shedder and vacuum cleaner attachment -Small

10. MiracleCorp Quickfinder big dog nail clipper

11. Powerful Electric Dog horse Clipper pet two speed control

12. Powerful Electric Dog horse Clipper with extra blade

13. Pro Groom professional dog groom comb, dog grooming medium comb

14. Pro Groom Professional Straight Dog Grooming Scissor, 7.5-inch

15. QuickFinder dog cat pet nail Clipper cutters quick sensor technology -Medium



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