Pied Crow

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Pied Crow is an African Bird species which is widely spread. They are approximately same size as of European crow or a little larger from them. They have slightly longer tail and wings. And also the legs are longer. They have black head and neck continuing with the white body covering the chest area and further black wings and tail. They have dark brown eyes. These birds are highly adaptable including cities and villages according to the availability of food and garbage. These birds have average life span of 20+ years.



Body Structure:

Pied Crows are unisex birds. They are 46 to 52 cm long and weight between 400 to 700 g. There wings are 322 to 388 mm long. They have strong bill, legs and feet which are black in color.



As other crows they utter typical sound of “kraaak” or deeper “rrawrr”. They often makes sound of “rra” prolonged with “raaaaeow”. They also gives the dry rattel  of “torrrh” or “tarrrh”. They create sound from there tails and wings movement also. The sound produced are nasal, hollow, throaty or flat.


Pied Crows are intelligent, sensitive, crafty and very sneaky. Wild breed of this bird is African-Pied-crowdestructive. They are very active and intelligent so are kept as pets also. They are generally encountered in pair or small group. They have the nature of breaking the eggs of ostrich by throwing stones from above.


Since Pied crows are Omnivorous in nature like other birds. They get food from the ground like insects, small reptiles, eggs, grains, peanuts, young birds, dead creatures, etc. It also scavenges at rubbish dumps and patrols for roadside kills. This crow feeds on plant items such as seeds, roots and fruits, dates and oil palm nuts, potatoes and rice.

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Since crows are very active birds, they love to hop, fly and peck at items. Those who keep these birds as pet should provide them outdoor play for 4 to 6 hours daily. There cage should be large enough for them to play, fly and exercise. Outdoor is very important for them to get the necessary Vitamin D.

These are the smartest birds in the world and need mental and physical stimulation to stay happy and healthy.




They breed according to the range and rain. They make their nest in tall and isolated trees. The clutches of 3 to 6 eggs are laid from September to November. The eggs are brown in color with pale green spots on them. The incubation is done for 18 to 20 days and the the young ones are fledged in 45 days. Both the sex rear the young. And the eggs are also incubated by both the sex mostly by the female.


The price of Pied Crow lies between $2000 to $2500 for a single bird.


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