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The Pointer Dog also known by English Pointer is a stubborn hunting dog. It is that breed of dog which is developed as Gun dog. It is among the several pointing dog. It originated in England. They are sleek and muscular. The pointer has its own dashing appearance and weird to hunt.

The Pointer Dog is a versatile dog breed and an exceptional family dog. They can be easily recognized from their long head to the pointed tail. He is a fast runner and can very well give competition to cyclist or other competitors.


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One should be alert of them. The head is as wide as its muzzle. The neck is quite long. and the muzzle is deep. For dark coat dogs the nose is black or brown and for the light ones its lighter or flesh colored. The teeth always meet in a level. The round eyes are darker than the coat color. The hanging ears are end pointed. The front legs are straight. The color of coat normally includes white with liver, lemon black and/or orange markings.


As discussed, they are extremely energetic and tireless. It is necessary for them to get vigorous exercise daily as to avoid restlessness. If you are keeping them as pet, do ensure plenty of vigorous exercise. They can prove a great jogging companions as well. Some of them even love to swim and play.  Whenever he is taught to be a hunting dog he must also be taught the correct time for it.


For males: 22-24 inches i.e. ( 55 to 62 cm)             For females: 21-24 inches i.e. (54 to 60 cm)         Weight: 44-66 pounds (20-30 kg)


Pointers are healthy but unlike all other breeds they are prone to some health diseases. Certain health diseases are:

1. Hip Dysplasia: It is a hereditary problem among this type of breed. Dogs with hip dysplasia should not be bred. One before buying this dog must ensure that the dog’s parents are not pursuing this disease.

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2. Progressive Retinal AtrophyIt is a family eye disease that involves graduation deterioration of retina. Starting of this disease dogs have night blindness. They also sometimes suffer from vision loss.

3. Cherry EyeThis disease occurs when the gland is located in the dog’s third eyelid.It can be repaired surgically.


They enjoy being outdoor. They do enjoy being with their families. They enjoy very much at places where hiking, campaign and other outdoor activities take place. Pointers require quick brushing with a soft brush.  It is an active dog which needs daily exercise and stimulation. You can take him running, walking, jogging along. He needs an hour exercise or more everyday if possible.

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It is recommended to give at least 2-3 cups of dry fruits which can be divided into two meals. Give them a dollop of yogurt every morning. Pointers love brown rice and pasta. They prefer more of brown rice as compared to white. Do not feed your pointer with onions, garlic, mushrooms, chocolate, salt, grapes etc.


The price of pointer depends on the type of breed you want. A quality puppy from a breeder can cost from $600-$1500 or more depending on its type.


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