Presa Canario Dog

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Presa Canario

Presa Canario Dog:

The Presa Canario Dog belongs to the Mastiff breed. This is the native breed of Canary Islands in Spain. These are very powerful and aggressive dogs.  These Presa Canario Dog are used as the catch dogs for driving the cattle and running away the dogs of other breeds. This breed of dog is banned in some of the countries where as some places they are outlawed. These dog have squarely build so look same in height and width. The colors include fawn, brown and black with different markings of white.

Body Structure:

The Presa Canario Dog  is also known as the Canary Dog. It is a large sized dog with thick muscular body. They have broad heads which is massive and powerful.The ears of this breed are mostly cropped so that it does not get damage while working with cattles. The second reason to crop the ears is that it gives formidable expression to the dog. The cropped ears usually stand erect. In some countries where the ear cropping is banned there the ear of the Presa Canario Dog  are close fitted to the head and hang downward. The ear which are not cropped must look like the rose or a hanging pendant. The Presa Canario Dog  posses the toe same as of the cat. And have movement same as of the cat. The body of this breed is slightly longer than being tall.


Presa Canario being aggressive

Temperament and Behavior:

The Presa Canario Dog  are affectionate dogs but are docile at times. They are a well suited guard dogs. They are very protective towards the master and the family. They do not trust the strangers easily, but get friendly eventually and gradually. They are always ready to be protective to the owner and the family. This breed of dog is very alert. The dog of this breed generally remains quite but bark very intimidatingly. The Presa Canario Dog  are outstanding guard and watch dogs. Like other guard dog this breed also need to be socialized in the early ages. And must be given obedience training.


Presa Canario with its master


The Presa Canario Dog  have short coat which is rough but is very easy to groom. The coat must be brushed with a firm bristle comb. And must be cleaned with a wet towel. They must be bathed only when necessary. They are average shedder. There are various types of accessories available for the grooming of the dogs. Since these dogs are very aggressive they must be worn with the dog collars which are used to stop them from excessive barking.

Health Issues:

Since the Presa Canario Dog  is a large breed so are highly susceptible of hip and elbow dysplasia. The other health problem noted in the Presa Canario Dog  are Patellar Luxation and Evulsion, Skin Diseases, Epilepsy, Cryptochidism, canine leishmaniasis and demodetic mange.


The height of Presa Canario Dog  is average of 20 to 25 inches in both males and females of this breed.


Presa Canario female with newly born puppies


the Presa Canario Dog  weight around 45 kg both in males and females of the breed.

Life Span:

The average life span of a Presa Canario Dog  is counted to be 9 to 11 years.

Litter Size:

The litter size of the Presa Canario Dog  on an average is of 7 to 9 puppies.


The price range of Presa Canario Dog  starts from $1600.

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