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The Pug breed is a small , square , stocky and thickset dog. This dog is also called as “the big dog Pug_916443 in a small size”. This is a toy dog with wrinkles on its face and short muzzled face. This breed is looking so cute, fine with glossy skin. It can communicate with people with by making nasal noises. This is a very affectionate breed and turns into a most popular family pet. This breed is gentle, intelligent, stable personality, full of fun and most likely playing with children.

This Breed is normally originated from China as “Lo-Sze”. They were brought from China to Europe in the sixteenth Century. So this breed is an old dog breed since 600 BC. They can also called as Chinese pug, Dutch Bulldog, Mops, Carlin, etc.

Body Type:
The Pug are small, tiny & little dog breed. They have a great body structure with wide in chest, cobby and well ribbed up. The tail is curled tightly on the hip.

The Pug has a small head. It’s full of wrinkles on the face side. The head structure is like Pug_Dog2this when you see him from side, it looks round and when you look him face to face, it looks square. The ears fall on the eye level. It has large, round and dark eyes with a soft expression. It’s muzzle is broad. You cannot see his teeth and tongue  when the mouth is closed. The wrinkles fold over its black nose.

Neck, Topline:
The Pug’s neck is strong, and thick as compared to the head. The topline of Pug is straight and level without dipping in the middle.

The chest of a Pug is wide and full. It is strong as compared to the body. It becomes larger Pugdown to the neck.

The forelegs of the Pug are straight and not bowed inward or outward. They are short and strong. The rear legs are parallel and straight to the back legs. It has short and sharp nails.

The Pugs are small breed. The normal height of a male Pug is around 12-14 inches (30-36 cm) and female pug is around 10-12 inches (25-30 cm).

The weight of a matured male pug is around 13-20 pounds (6-9 kg) while a matured female pug has the weight of 13-18 pounds (6-8 kg).

The Pug has short and smooth coat. It is easy to maintain. Their skin requires brushing once or twice a week. The coat is shiny with silver , apricot color.

The Pug has two basic colors. One is Black and other is fawn. It comes also in silver color Pugswhich is rare and found in USA. This silver color is considers as the color of moonlight while the fawn color is sunlike. In a black pug, if there is a white color, then it is considered as mismark.

This Breed is keen with a happy attitude. These breed are animated and loyal. They are people friendly. They want to spend more time with their family. They love to play with the children. They are willful and strong minded then human with calm, confident and firm nature. One of the interesting behavior in this breed is Pugs are jealous in nature.

Health Problem:
The Pugs catch cold easily. They are stressed in cold and hot water. They are prone to pug-dogallergies, skin problems. Cell tumors, Overfeeding a Pug is becoming obese and living much shorter lives.

Life Span: The Life Span of a Pug is around 12-15 years.

The Pug looks innocent and gentle. It has a good expression on its wrinkle and squared face. These are people friendly, intelligent, stressful and loving breed.

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