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Rabbits are a popular and common pets for people all over the world and there are rabbit-repellentmany reasons why people love to keep them around.The rabbits are the mammals which gives us idea of the indoor fun.Rabbits are the prey animals which interact with their surrounding very differently than the other animals.We can call the male rabbit as a Buck, a female rabbit as a Doe and a child rabbit as a kitten or kit.


They has a delicate skeleton compared with other mammals.The weight of the skeleton is 8% of the total body weight.

There are 46 bones that make up the spinal column alone.These 46 are distributed as 7 in the  neck, 12 in the chest, 7 in lower back, 4 in pelvis and 16  in tail.

Rabbits have 7 bones in the ankle and 9 bones in the wrist.


There are many types of breeds present in the world.Some of them are as mention below:

  • American White: American rabbits looks very cute and is very wjXHnFY43wV3GIwfg9pRwQ_mattractive.They have a curved body shape. It also  has a very sweet behavior and good mothering abilities.It is about 4.1-5.4 kg in weight.It was originally accepted as ‘Blue’ rabbit.
  • Belgian Hare: It is the next breed of domestic rabbit, that was developed through selective breeding.This is believed to be one of the most intelligent and active breeds of domestic rabbit.Average weight of them is from 6 to 9 pounds.
  • Californian: The Californian breed of was developed in the early 1920’s in Southern California.The purpose of this breed was to have a good meat breed.The breed did not become popular for at least 15 years after being developed.
  • Dutch: The Dutch rabbit, easily identified by its characteristic color pattern, was once the most popular of all rabbit breeds. However,the popularity of Dutch rabbit dwindled after dwarf rabbits were developed.The popularity of Dutch remains one of the top ten most popular breeds in the world.
  • Giant Angora: The Angora rabbit  is a type of domestic rabbit cuteangora_rabbit_01famous for its long, soft wool. This is one of the oldest types of rabbit, originating in Ankara and  Turkey.They were popular pets with French royalty in the mid-18th century, and spread to other parts of Europe by the end of the century.This looks a little big in size.


  • They are curious and Sociable:

    He is curious and sociable, which makes him both fun and interesting to watch.

  • Intelligent: He is intelligent and may notice the things going around.
  • Personality Types:

    His personality can be seen clearly by looking carefully at his face. A relaxed face shows that he is sweet sounding and is happy to stay in your arms. A look of worry does not always wants to be picked up by you.

  • Mood Swings:

    Rabbits have mood changes.Stress can change the mood of him and make him sit idle not being played by any one.



Rabbits are very clean animals, and spend a good time grooming themselves.This does not means that they usually need baths, however, regular brushing may keep their coat in good condition.

  • Brushing:  If you have a short haired rabbit, it is really good if you 670px-Groom-a-Rabbit-Step-3brush them at least one time in a week.
  • Removing Unwanted Hair: Never trim them out with scissors as it is very easy to accidentally cut into the skin doing this.Work out the mat by separating and combing hair out of the mat a tiny bit at a time, being careful.
  • Short Nails: Regular nail trims should also be part of the grooming schedule. Check the nails once a week when grooming and trim them whenever they get a bit long.


  • Parasites: Parasites are the problems which can be there in any rabbit and certain steps are required to prevent this. e.g. daily brushing.
  • Red Urine: Red urine is very common in rabbits and if you are not sure if there is blood, a dipstick test can easily check.
  • Bladder Sludge: If too much calcium and protein rich foods are given to him then this can led to bladder sludge.
  • Obesity: Obesity is a serious and too often of a problem in pet rabbits. The biggest and main factor is the wrong diet, too rich in carbohydrates and protein, and no exercise.


  1. Feed your rabbit correctly
  2. Give them fresh water twice a day
  3. Buy a good cage
  4. Secure electric wires
  5. Make sure your pet rabbits have enough toys
  6. Pick up your rabbit carefully
  7. Trim your rabbit’s nails
  8. If your rabbit is sick, take him to a vet


It depends on the breed and the quality. Expenses Are Close To nothing.If you get them from a shelter they’re reasonably cheap, the more expensive ones are purebred and still much cheaper than any purebred cats or dogs. The rabbits in India costs near about Rs.2000 per pair.


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