Rainforest Parrot

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Rainforest  Parrot:

The Rainforest Parrots are the most colorful birds found in the rainforest. They usually lives in the folks called as companies. They are kept as pet because of their ability to mimic sound at large price. These parrots are both plant and meat eaters. These parrots are beautifully colorful with the bold colors like red, green, yellow and blue mostly. These parrots are mostly found on the top layer of the trees. As there they can flap around easily leading an interesting life. These are several species of rainforest parrots. But they are distinctive groups so can easily be recognized. The rainforest parrots are popular because of their interesting behavior, beautifula nd colorful plumage. These parrots are found sleeping in the daytime and are active at nights. These parrots are recognized by their well developed beak. The beaks are large and hook shaped. The top beak is down curved over the smaller up curved beak. These rainforest parrot have broad skull size with large brain case. This feature of these parrot states that these birds are very intelligent. They enjoy talking and producing mimic sound. These parrots do not build nest and lay eggs in the hollow tree trunks, termite mounds or excavate holes of the mammals. These rainforest parrots are very interesting and highly sociable hence make wonderful and amusing pets.  The different species of Rainforest Parrot are:

  1. Scarlet Macaw
  2. Blue and Yellow Macaw
  3. Great Green Macaw
  4. Military Macaw
  5. Mealy Parrot

Apart from these species this group includes cockatoos, Rosellas, Lovebirds, Macaws, Lorikeets and Parakeets. Here is the discription of the most popularly known rainforest parrots:


Scarlet Macaw

Scarlet Macaw:

Range: It ranges from the native humid forest of America including central and south America, Eastern Mexico, Belize, Colombia, Peru and Brazil.

Habitat: Typically in Tropical Rain forest.

Diet: The primarily are seed and fruit eaters.

Size: These parrot are 33 to 35 inches long from the beak to the end of the tail.


Blue And Yellow Macaw

Blue and Yellow Macaw:

Range: It ranges from the native South America from Panama south to Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay.

Habitat: Swampy Tropical Rainforests

Diet: The primarily eat  variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, but mostly prefer palm tree fruit.

Size: These parrot are 34 to 36 inches long from the beak to the end of the tail.


Great Green Macaw

Great Green Macaws:

Range: It ranges from the native Central American in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and Ecuador.

Habitat: Tropical Rainforests

Diet: They are majorly dependable on the fruits of  Dipteryx tree.

Size: These parrot are 85 to 90 centimeters long from the beak to the end of the tail.

Military Macaw

Military Macaw

Military Macaws:

Range: It ranges from the rainforest of Mexico and South America.

Habitat: Found mostly in the woodlands and subtropical forests.

Diet: They eats seeds, fruits, nuts, berries and other vegetation found on treetops in the rainforest.

Size: These parrot are 70 to 80 centimeters long from the beak to the end of the tail.

Mealy Parrot

Mealy Parrot

Mealy Parrot:

Range: It ranges from the rainforest of Central American and South American .

Habitat: Found mostly in the Amazon Rainforest.

Diet: They eats fruits, seeds, berries, nuts, blossoms and leaf buds.

Size: These parrot are 38 to 40 centimeters long from the beak to the end of the tail.


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