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Roseate Spoonbill is known by the name of   Platalea  Ajaja. These birds belongs to the group of large birds mainly the class of aves. They are characterized by the pink color feathers. In present scenario these birds are under the threat of human and natural disturbance and are being kept in the list of vulnerable species which is a matter of global concern. Therefore now these birds are kept in wildlife sanctuaries so as their population could be increased.                     



These are the exclusive birds to be found in Florida. Earlier Roseate Spoonbill were found along the gulf coast in Texas, Louisiana and Florida.  But now these birds are on the verge of extinction. These birds are even found in mangrove swamps and other sources of brackish water. They can be found extensively near the site of freshwater.  




bodyRoseate Spoonbill has bright pink  body, on the other side they have beautiful white contrast on their necks. These birds are characterized by the spoon like flat bills which helps them to catch the food in the shallow water. These birds have different colors on their body and have got red color eyes and legs. The color neck is green – gray which is a special feature of this species. But on the other side its naked and bald head which is green gives Roseate Spoonbill beauty a disappointment. They grow up to a height of 32 inches which is a tremendous height in the class of birds.



There are various species found which are listed below:-      

  • EURASIAN  SPOONBILL : These are mostly found in the Europe and are also found in Africa , Asia to Japan.
  • Black faced Spoonbill : These are predominantly found in china, Taiwan, Korea and Japan.
  • African Spoonbill : These are white colored bird found mostly in    Africa and Madagascar.
  • Royal Spoonbill : They are commonly found in Australia southern- east part including some parts of  New – Zealand  and new Guiena .
  • Yellow billed spoonbill : These are found in very small numbers and are only found in South east Australia.


Males Spoonbill are larger than the females also with a little more flat bill. The females lays egg in a nest made of bulky sticks and incubation ranges from 22 to 24 days under the care of the both parents. These birds breed in onset of spring to summer. The eggs are elliptical or somewhat oval in shape which have rough granular look with blue green purple color.  The spoonbill nest are mostly found near water where they live with other birds. The chicks have white feathers and a light pink color on their wings. The chicks are fed by the parents till they are eight weeks old.                             



Ajaia Ajaja moves in small group at the early morning and evening hours. These are the social birds and lives in large colonies with other spoonbill, ibises, herons and cormorants. They are shy birds and gets easily disturbed and produces “huh-huh-huh” sound when gets disturbed. They fly with their outstretched necks and legs in long diagonal line.




dietThe Roseate Spoonbill is an omnivorous animal which feeds on small aquatic animals. They eat both species of plants and animals among which fish like minnows are the major source of food for them. Small aquatic animals such as shrimp, mollusks, crustaceans and insects makes the diet complete of this bird. When Spoonbill finds its food in shallow water it catches it with spoon like bill in one chance and swallows it quickly with a grunting sound.                                     



Roseate Spoonbill are under threat as they were hunted for their feathers which were used for making hats and fans. These are some reasons for reduction in population of these breeds:-

  • Habitat loss
  • Human disturbances
  • Use of pesticides

Not only human intervention but also these birds are preyed by the larger birds such as raccoons and hawks. Hence these birds are being conserved in wildlife sanctuaries so that they could be saved from becoming the extinct species.


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