Rough Green Snake

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Rough Green Snake

Rough Green Snake :

Rough Green Snake have Opheodrys Aestivus as their scientific name. These snakes are Non Venomous and are mostly found in the regions of Northern America. This specie of snake belongs to Colubrid Family. These snakes are also known to be Grass Snake. These Rough Green Snake are gentle and pleasant nature. They are named as Rough Green Snake because they are green in color and have rough scale that are out in a slight angle on their body. These snakes are very skilled in climbing, and can frequently climb over the bushes and vines. They are agile even. These snakes are mostly found on small trees, vines, bushes and very rarely on the ground. These snakes are found in day time as they are search of food in day and sleeps at night. They can be seen catching prey in the air. They are swimmer as well and do it in an excellent manner to get protected or save themselves from the predators.


Rough Green Snake


The Rough Green Snake are slender and are bright green in color. They usually have pale yellow or cream stomach which is extended till the chin. The head of this snake is wider than that of neck. The tail is long and pointed. These snakes are small and thin. They are maximum found to be in length of 20 to 45 inches. The keeled scales are present on the body because of which they are known are rough. These scales help them in climbing the large trees and shrubs.


Rough Green Snake


This specie of snake is mostly found in the northern region of Unites States and ranges through southeastern range from Florida to north of New Jersey. They are also found in some regions of Texas. They are mostly found on the coastal range but not on the heights like mountains. These Rough Green Snake are mostly found in the forests near ponds or any water body. These are tree like snakes which get feed on the vegetation near water body shore line in the day time. At night they are mostly found coiled on the branches of the trees sleeping.


The Rough Green Snake are the most arboreal and they spend their most of the time hunting insects both small and large ad many other invertebrates found above the ground. When find danger from any specie these snakes do not bite else disappear in the huge vegetation and hide themselves. This specie of snake are found coiled on the shrubs and branches of tree. These snakes are active in all the seasons except winters. In the cool weather they are mostly found beneath logs or large rocks, and often take escape from the ground. These snakes mate in the spring and then lay eggs in the summers.


rough green snake eating its prey


The Rough Green Snakes mostly feed on the insects, crickets, grasshopper, spider and small mammals with less or no hairs. They have very extraordinary sense of hunting and catching the live prey. They even catch the slightest movement in the legs or antennas of the insects, this movement catches the attention of the snakes. After noticing the prey the snakes are very fast  in approaching the prey. For garbing the prey the snakes curves their body in such a way that after straightening of the body they just get to grab the prey. After garbing the prey from the head or throat they move so fast to near by place so that no aid can be provided to the prey. The prey is worked into the mouth and swallowed with the movements of jaws, and are swallowed from the head first.


A6700_green snake emerges from egg

small rough green snake emerging from egg


The Rough Green Snake lay four to twelve elongated eggs at a time. They are mostly laid under flat stones or large logs in a clutch. These snakes reaches there sexual maturity at the age of 21 months in males and for females it takes 22 to 30 months. These snakes breed every spring and lay eggs in the summer. The eggs are mostly laid in the month of June and July and the eggs take almost 5 to 12 weeks in gestation depending on the temperature. The newly born snakes are mostly grey or grayish green in color.

Life Span:

The life span of this Rough Green Snake have be reported to be about 15 years but have an average of 6 to 8 years life span mostly.


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