Scarlet Macaw – A Red Parrot

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Scarlet Macaw

Scarlet Macaw :

The Scarlet Macaw have been scientifically named as Ara Macao . They have their origin from the Southern Mexico to Brazil. These birds weight around 2 to 3 pounds. They are extremely intelligent birds and can easily learn how to speak. Very less of these parrots learn hoe to mimic. This bird belong to Macaw family which have around 17 species. The Scarlet Macaw is the most colorful species of the Macaw family. These birds are covered with the colors like vivid red with the combination of bright yellow and blue.


Scarlet Macaw Pair


The Scarlet Macaw are the most magnificent bird of the parrot family. They are the part of the largest Nontropical family of parrots known as Macaws. Macaws are the largest breed of parrots in the world. They are almost 33 to 35 inches long from the beak to tail. Scarlet Macaw is one of the seventeen species of Macaws. They are one of the most beautiful member of the parrots family. With their strong and wide wings they can reach up to the speed of 35 miles per hour i.e. 55 kilometers in an hour. The beautiful Scarlet Macaw have almost feather less face which is creamy white. The maximum part of the body of this bird is covered with red plumage covering including the wings and tail. The lower wings have the combination of  brilliant blue and yellow colored feathers which add more adorableness to the parrot. The beak of these parrots are capable of breaking and tearing apart the toughest nut easily. Both the male and female of this family looks alike.


The Scarlet Macaw are mostly found in the tropical rain forests. These birds can be found from the range of Eastern and  Southern Mexico to Peru including many islands of Brazil and Trinidad. They mostly prefer the place located near to the water resource. They mostly find humid places with low land subtropical rain forests.


Scarlet Macaw breaking nut


The Scarlet Macaw mostly get feed on fruits, nuts and some times add supplements of nectar and flowers. They mostly prefer fresh fruit before they get ripe. They have large and strong beaks which help them to tear premature fruits as the skin and pulp are tighter. These birds get competitive advantage  as they gain access to the premature fruits or ripe fruits before any other animal can. They are capable of tearing apart the toughest nut. These parrots have the access to the most toughest nuts in the world which any other animal can have access of. These parrots have a large number of food resources. These birds digest the hardest seeds and nut which they break with the help of tongue and palate. They break the nuts with the help of the beak but keeping them between the beak and pressing it hard. These Scarlet Macaw occasionally consume the clay which is easily available at the bank of the rivers. This helps them to aid digestion of premature fruits which are harsh and produce harmful poisonous substance.


Scarlet Macaw new born babies


Scarlet Macaw always have a single sexual partner for a life time. The pair last for life. These birds don’t believe in changing there partners for breeding and are very loyal towards each other. The pair reaches there sexual maturity level in the age of three or four years. The breeding takes place every second year. The female Scarlet Macaw lay clutch of 2 to 4 eggs at a time, which are white and round. The eggs are incubated by the pair for around 5 to 6 weeks. The eggs are mostly incubated by the females. The young ones take around 90 days to develop there muscles and feathers to take their first flight from the nest. The young ones are feed by the males by  liquidizing the food so that it does not jam the infants throat. The Scarlet Macaw pair never raise the another set of eggs until the previous young one’s become independent.

Life Span: 

The Scarlet Macaw have an average life span of around 60 years but can live up to 80 years.


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