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The Scottish fold is a breed of cat with a natural dominant –gene mutation that makes its ear cartilage contain a fold, causing the ears to bend forward and down towards the front of their head, which gives the cat “owl-like” appearance.



The Scottish Fold is a medium sized cat. The entire body structure, especially the head and face is generally rounded. The eyes are large and round in shape. The nose is short with a gentle curve and the body is well rounded with a padded look and medium to short legs. The head is domed at the top and the neck is very short. The coat of Scottish Folds can be either long or short- haired. The coat is of any colour or generally combination of colours except cream and bi-color.


Scottish Folds are typically good in nature and adjust to other animals within a household extremely well. They are quite affectionate by nature. They are loyal, sweet tempered playful and intelligent. They are friendly with people and children. They have soft voice.


A well balanced diet high in vitamins, mineral and proteins should be given. They should be given fresh water daily.


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Breeders should always be careful to only breed Scottish Folds with non-Scottish Folds. When they are bred together, 3 out of 4 kittens will have the folded ear characteristic. However, one out of four will  exhibit other physical abnormalities, including shortened and stiffened legs and tail.


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The  short-coated Scottish Fold should be brushed and combed once a week. Combing will prevent matting. The long-coated Scottish Fold needs to be brushed and combed three to four times per week. Trim the nails once a week. The folded ears can trap dirt and germs, they should be cleaned every other week. An occasional bath can be given when needed. For more , click here.


The Scottish Fold usually begin to exhibit symptoms of disease between four to six months of age. The tail may be short and thick. The affected bones may appear thicker. They may limp. Slow movement which may be accompanied by lack of coordination. The Scottish Fold may develop skeletal abnormality called osteochondrodystrophy, which can be painful.



Scottish Fold Cat require minimal care. Make sur they get adequate space for excercise, indoor environment.


The price varies from $250 to $1500

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