Shar Pei – A Chinese Breed

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Shar Pei is a Chinese breed of dog and is distinct of other breed because of the deep

Shar Pei

Shar Pei

wrinkles.  This is the only breed which have tongue color blue/black. These dogs are very suspicious in nature. They are very reserved but very devoted and affectionate with there owner. There tail are very thick at the base and ends at a fine point set extremely high.


Body Structure:

They have small ears in triangle shape and a high set tail which give Shar Pei a unique look. The puppies have much more wrinkle then the adult Shar Pei. They have solid color coat. The color coat easily available are Black, Blue, fawn, cream, red, apricot and chocolate. There nose can be black or pink in color. These dogs have similar color of nose, nail and anus as of the coat. The height vary from 18 to 20 inches and they weight 18 to 25 kgs.

 Temperament and Behavior:

Shar Pei

Shar Pei

The SharPei are very loyal to there handler. They have a bond with the family they live with with but are unfriendly towards stranger. They are a fighting breed. So can be stubborn, strong willed and very territorial. They are very intelligent, playful, active, dominant and brave. It is very independent and reserved breed. This breed needs firm obedience training. Human if is much lenient with the dog can let the dog suffer with behavioral mismatch. Like excessive barking and many other behavior mismatch.



This breed should be brushed regularly. There coat is never trimmed. This breed shed there hairs according to the coat and the season. To remove the old and dead hairs from there body they should be bathed once in a week and combed regularly. This allows the new coat to grow. This breed have harsh coat so some human who are prone to allergy can face problem.


Health Issues:

This breed have a problem of Kidney Failure which is caused due to fever and swelling in internal parts. This dog can have skin problem which is carried hereditary in them. This breed is also prone to cell tumors. It can also have yeast infection in its ears.


Shar Pai

Shar Pei

This breed can reside in apartment if they have ample space for them to exercise. They are active indoors and can manage without yard. They are sensitive to warm weather and should be protected from it as the wrinkles  on its head absorb the heat and store it. Water should always be kept in there bowls. They need daily walk. While walking the dog should always be kept behind or beside the holder or the dog. Do not let them over exercise in heat as they are sensitive. When taken proper care they can have life expectancy of 10 years and above.



If the puppy is of 3 months, then feed 3 times meal per day. If the puppy is more than 3 months, then feed 2 times meal per day. Do not feed canned dog foods to Shar Pei. If you want to give them canned dog foods, then mix it with dry dog foods. Do not feed them steak, pork or turkey bones. Nylon and raw hide bones are suitable for them. Avoid them to eat cow hooves and pig’s ear. They will be in great trouble.


The price of this breed starts from $800 to $2000. You can get this breed as they do not need much open place and can feel happy in apartment also. And love to be in cool place as are sensitive and can not bear heat for long.


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